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  1. The α-bromination reaction of carbonyl compounds is a significant topic in the field of organic chemistry. However, due to the lack of suitable brominating reagents, the application of this reaction in undergr...

    Authors: Yongguang Gao, Na Chen, Xiaoye Jiang and Xiaochun Yang
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:38
  2. Broad-spectrum histone deacetylase inhibitors (HDACi) have excellent anti-tumor effects, such as abexinostat, which was a novel oral HDACi that was widely used in clinical treatment. The purpose of this study ...

    Authors: Yige Yu, Jinyu Hu, Xiaohai Chen, Hua-lu Wu, Anzhou Wang and Congrong Tang
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:37
  3. Patients diagnosed with symptomatic peripheral artery disease (PAD) in the lower extremities have a higher likelihood of suffering from major vascular events. Recently, FDA has approved the combination therapy...

    Authors: Heba M. Mohamed and Hebatallah M. Essam
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:36
  4. Nanocomposites incorporating titanium dioxide (TiO2) have a significant potential for various industrial and medical applications. These nanocomposites exhibit selectivity as antimicrobial and anticancer agents. ...

    Authors: Rana R. El Sadda, Mai S. Eissa, Rokaya K. Elafndi, Elhossein A. Moawed, Mohamed M. El-Zahed and Hoda R. Saad
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:35
  5. In this study, we synthesized new 5,6,7,8-tetrahydroisoquinolines and 6,7,8,9-tetrahydrothieno[2,3-c]isoquinolines based on 4-(N,N-dimethylamino)phenyl moiety as expected anticancer and/or antioxidant agents. The...

    Authors: Eman M. Sayed, Etify A. Bakhite, Reda Hassanien, Nasser Farhan, Hanan F. Aly, Salma G. Morsy and Nivin A. Hassan
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:34
  6. Magnetic nanoparticles can be considered a reliable tool for targeted drug delivery to cancer tissues. Based on this, in this study, the anticancer effect of iron oxide nanoparticles coated with glucose and co...

    Authors: Somayeh Mikaeili Ghezeljeh, Ali Salehzadeh and Somayeh Ataei-e Jaliseh
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:33
  7. A novel series of 1-(5-((6-nitroquinazoline-4-yl)thio)-1,3,4-thiadiazol-2-yl)-3-phenylurea derivatives 8 were designed and synthesized to evaluate their cytotoxic potencies. The structures of these obtained compo...

    Authors: Sara Masoudinia, Marjaneh Samadizadeh, Maliheh Safavi, Hamid Reza Bijanzadeh and Alireza Foroumadi
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:30
  8. VEGFR2 and FAK signaling pathways are interconnected and have synergistic effects on tumor angiogenesis, growth, and metastasis. Thus, instead of the conventional targeting of each of these proteins individual...

    Authors: Marwa A. Fouad, Alaa A. Osman, Noha M. Abdelhamid, Mai W. Rashad, Ashrakat Y. Nabawy and Ahmed M. El Kerdawy
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:29
  9. A facile, sensitive, accurate and green spectrofluorimetric method was evolved for the assay of ciprofloxacin hydrochloride (CFX) and phenylephrine hydrochloride (PLN) in their co-formulated eye drops with the...

    Authors: Neamat T. Barakat, Amina M. El-Brashy and Mona E. Fathy
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:27
  10. In the last few decades, green analytical chemistry (GAC) has become a smart magical solution for the qualification and quantification of many drugs. In the current study, a direct, sensitive, and green RP-HPL...

    Authors: Rana Ghonim, Manar M. Tolba, Fawzia Ibrahim and Mohamed I. El-Awady
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:26
  11. Quantitative 1H-NMR became an increasingly important issue in pharmaceutical analytical chemistry. This study used NMR spectroscopy to assay the bronchodilator drug terbutaline sulfate and its pro-drug bambuterol...

    Authors: Asmaa El-Sayed, Mohamed A. Sabry, Heba Elmansi, Manal Eid and Shereen Shalan
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:25
  12. Clusters, a novel hierarchical material structure that emerges from atoms or molecules, possess unique reactivity and catalytic properties, crucial in catalysis, biomedicine, and optoelectronics. Predicting cl...

    Authors: Wu Wei, Li Mengshan, Wu Yan and Guan Lixin
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:24
  13. Heavy metals like Cadmium, Lead, and Chromium are the pollutants emitted into the environment through industrial development. In this work, a new diphenylamine coordinated cobalt complex (Co-DPA) has been synt...

    Authors: Mesfin Yimer, Shagufi Naz Ansari, Biniyam Abdu Berehe, Krishna Kanthi Gudimella, Gangaraju Gedda, Wubshet Mekonnen Girma, Nazim Hasan and Shadma Tasneem
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:23
  14. The ligand, N′-(furan-2-ylmethylene)-2-hydroxybenzohydrazide (H2L), was synthesized characterized through various spectral studies which cleared out that the free ligand existed in keto form. The ligand upon reac...

    Authors: Nasser M. Hosny, Ghada Samir and Mohamed H. Abdel-Rhman
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:22
  15. Aluminum corrosion inhibitors “{[CuI (CN)2(phen) CuII (CN)2(phen)]5H2O},(MOF1) and {[CuI(CN)2(phen)CuII(CN)2(phen)]5H2O}@TiO2 (MOF1@TiO2) were studied in one molar HCl solution”. The ML results for three differen...

    Authors: Abd El-Aziz S. Fouda, Safaa Eldin H. Etaiw, Dina M. Abd El-Aziz, Ahmed A. El-Hossiany and Usama A. Elbaz
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:21
  16. High performance liquid chromatography is one of the techniques of choice for the separation and quantitative determination of drugs in mixture form. Ipriflavone, ascorbic acid, pyridoxine, vitamin D3, and lys...

    Authors: Sara Abdel Basset Galal, Eman Saad Elzanfaly, Emad Mohamed Hussien, Enas Abdel Hakim Amer and Hala Elsayed Zaazaa
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:20
  17. Bromhexine (BR), guaiafenesin (GUF) and salbutamol (SAL) are formulated as Ventocough syrup® (with and without sugar), labeled to contain propyl paraben and sodium benzoate as inactive ingredients. They are us...

    Authors: Marco M. Z. Sharkawi, Mark T. Safwat, Eglal A. Abdelaleem and Nada S. Abdelwahab
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:19
  18. For the treatment of rhinitis and asthma, a combination of Montelukast sodium and Bilastine has just been approved. Based on the first derivative of synchronous fluorescence, the current work developed a green...

    Authors: Sayed M. Derayea, Khalid M. Badr El-Din, Ahmed S. Ahmed, Ahmed A. Khorshed and Mohamed Oraby
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:18
  19. In this manuscript, the effectiveness of multivariate and univariate tools in conjunction with spectrophotometric techniques was evaluated for the concurrent analysis of ciprofloxacin (CI) and ornidazole (OR) ...

    Authors: Amir A. Sakur and Duaa Al Zakri
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:17
  20. Nanocomposites based on copper, iron, and carbon materials are novel nanomaterials with both antibacterial and biocompatibility properties considerable to fight against multidrug-resistant bacteria.

    Authors: Mehran Alavi and Nasser Karimi
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:16
  21. Preserving the environment, reducing the amount of waste resulting from chemical trials, and reducing the amount of energy consumed have currently become a pivotal global trend. An analytical quality by design...

    Authors: Hend M. Nagieb, Nada S. Abdelwahab, Maha M. Abdelrahman, Hala E. Zaazaa and Nermine S. Ghoniem
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:15
  22. Undecaprenyl Pyrophosphate Synthase (UPPS) is a vital target enzyme in the early stages of bacterial cell wall biosynthesis. UPPS inhibitors have antibacterial activity against resistant strains such as MRSA a...

    Authors: Basma M. Qandeel, Samar Mowafy, Khaled Abouzid and Nahla A. Farag
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:14
  23. This study describes methodologies for extracting and isolating bergenin, a C-glucoside of 4-O-methylgallic acid found in some plants and it presents various in vitro and in vivo biological activities. Bergenin w...

    Authors: Oscar Caetano Silva-Neto, Caio Silva Assis Felix, Leonardo de Oliveira Aguiar, Mauricio Brandão dos Santos, Silvio Cunha and Jorge Mauricio David
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:13
  24. Zinc chromium oxide (Cr/ZnO, 5wt.%) was prepared by a facile chemical co-precipitation route. The structure, composition, and chemical bonding were analyzed using X-ray diffraction (XRD), Energy dispersive X-r...

    Authors: Wageha A. Mostafa, Soad A. Elshanawany, Khadejah D. Otaif, Mona khalifa and Elsayed Elgazzar
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:11
  25. A green, efficient, sensitive and accurate detection method by HPLC–DAD and LC–MS/MS was developed and validated for the quantification of morphine, hydromorphone, oxycodone, ketamine tramadol, dezocine, ropiv...

    Authors: Manman Yao, Baoxia Fang, Jinguo Yang, Sicen Wang and Fuchao Chen
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:10
  26. Pyrazole-bearing compounds are known for their diverse pharmacological effects including potent antileishmanial and antimalarial activities. Herein, some hydrazine-coupled pyrazoles were successfully synthesiz...

    Authors: Halefom Gebreselasse Berhe, Yihenew Simegniew Birhan, Botros Youssef Beshay, Huda Jawad Habib, Ariaya Hymete and Adnan Ahmed Bekhit
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:9
  27. The current study effectively designed novel cross-linked tosyl-carrageenan/alginate (Ts-Car/Alg) beads to remove Pb2+ ions from their aqueous solutions. To confirm the structure of the produced matrix, character...

    Authors: Mohamed Awed, Riham R. Mohamed, Kholod H. Kamal, Magdy W. Sabaa and Korany A. Ali
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:8
  28. This study marks a pioneering effort in utilizing Vachellia tortilis subsp. raddiana (Savi) Kyal. & Boatwr., (commonly known as acacia raddiana) leaves as both a reducing and stabilizing agent in the green “eco-f...

    Authors: Nesma H. Ibrahim, Gharib M. Taha, Noura Sh. A. Hagaggi and Marwa A. Moghazy
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:7
  29. Two series of novel imidazo[1,2-a]pyridine-2-carbohydrazide derivatives have been designed, synthesized, and evaluated for cytotoxic activity. Target compounds were designed in two series: aryl hydrazone deriv...

    Authors: Maryam Firouzi, Zahra Haghighijoo, Masoomeh Eskandari, Maryam Mohabbati, Ramin Miri, Mohammad Hasan Jamei, Alireza Poustforoosh, Somayeh Nazari, Omidreza Firuzi, Mehdi Khoshneviszadeh and Najmeh Edraki
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:6
  30. In this study, the Fe3O4/rGO/Ag magnetic nanocomposite was synthesized and employed as an adsorbent for the removal of tetracycline (TC), crystal violet (CV), and methylene blue (MB) from water samples. The influ...

    Authors: Chou-Yi Hsu, Eyhab Ali, Haider Falih Shamikh Al-Saedi, Amjed Qasim Mohammed, Nadia Khalid Mustafa, Maysm Barzan Talib, Usama Kadem Radi, Montather F. Ramadan, Ahmed Ali Ami, Saeb Jasim Al-Shuwaili, Ahmed Alawadi, Ali Alsalamy and Leila Baharinikoo
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:5
  31. The development of biobased polymeric materials for wastewater purification has become a demand due to the growing need for water free of hazardous metal ions for safe purposes. The organic components of the O...

    Authors: Isra Ishraydeh, Othman Hamed, Abdalhadi Deghles, Shehdeh Jodeh, Khalil Azzaoui, Abdelfattah Hasan, Mohyeddin Assali, Ataa Jaseer, Waseem Mansour, Gül Gülenay Hacıosmanoğlu, Zehra Semra Can and Manuel Algarra
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:4
  32. The design and synthesis of novel cytotoxic agents is still an interesting topic for medicinal chemistry researchers due to the unwanted side effects of anticancer drugs. In this study, a novel series of uraci...

    Authors: Leila Emami, Fateme Zare, Soghra Khabnadideh, Zahra Rezaei, Zahra Sabahi, Saman Zare Gheshlaghi, Marzieh Behrouz, Mina Emami, Zahra Ghobadi, Sedighe Madadelahi Ardekani, Fatemeh Barzegar, Ali Ebrahimi and Razieh Sabet
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:3
  33. In the current study we suggest a novel approach to curb non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) progression, and we suggest privileged scaffolds for the design of novel compounds for this aim. NASH is an advance...

    Authors: Yara A. Zaky, Mai W. Rashad, Marwa A. Zaater and Ahmed M. El Kerdawy
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:2
  34. Several novel approaches to target Bcl-2 proteins and apoptotic pathways have been identified in recent years for the treatment of different types of cancer including colorectal cancer. However, no effective t...

    Authors: Sama W. Helmy, Mai I. Shahin, Nermin Samir, Deena S. Lasheen and Dalal A. Abou El Ella
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:1
  35. The discovery of new lead skeleton against melanoma are urgently needed due to its highly malignant and mortality. Herein, a new molecular entity (EU-5) derived from eudistomin U was synthesized with total yie...

    Authors: Jixiang Gao, Jinyi Liu, Tao Yu, Chenggong Xu, Hao Sun, Chunbo Lu, Wenjia Dan and Jiangkun Dai
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:184
  36. Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacterales (CRE) has emerged as a worldwide spread nosocomial superbug exhibiting antimicrobial resistance (AMR) to all current antibiotics, leaving limited options for treating its ...

    Authors: Wenbin Jin, Chen Xu, Ning Dong, Kaichao Chen, Die Zhang, Jinhua Ning, Yunbing Li, Guangfen Zhang, Jin Ke, Anguo Hou, Linyun Chen, Sheng Chen and Kin-Fai Chan
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:183
  37. Fraxinus hubeiensis is a plant endemic to China and widely used as folk medicine to treat various diseases. However, its chemical constituents have never been reported sufficiently. Thus, the primary objective of...

    Authors: Xin-Yi Liu, Hong-Xia Tang, Wen-Bing Sheng, Qu-Jing Luo, Lin-Xi Mao, Yu-Pei Yang, Xiao-Zhou Guo, Qing-Lai Wu, Yu-Qing Jian, Wei Wang and Xu-Dong Zhou
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:182
  38. Three green and facile spectrophotometric methods were developed for the assay of Petro® components; drotaverine HCl (DRT), caffeine (CAFF), and paracetamol (PAR). The three methods depend on measuring the absorb...

    Authors: Rana Ghonim, Manar M. Tolba, Fawzia Ibrahim and Mohamed I. El-Awady
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:181
  39. Nanoparticle-based composites have the potential to meet requirements for radiosensitization in both therapeutic and diagnostic applications. The radiosensitizing properties of nanoparticles could be reliant o...

    Authors: Elham Mansouri, Asghar Mesbahi, Hamed Hamishehkar, Soheila Montazersaheb, Vahid Hosseini and Saeed Rajabpour
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:180
  40. As a GABA-β receptor agonist, the central muscle relaxant Baclofen (BAC) has a potential of abuse. Unfortunately, the sense of wellbeing and pleasure is obtained at very high BAC doses. This is associated with...

    Authors: Mariam O. Abd el-Aziz, Ahmed H. Nadim, Hany H. Monir, M. Nebsen and Sameh E. Younis
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:179
  41. The use of sustainable solvents has increased significantly in recent years due to advancements in green analytical methods. The number of impurities in the drug substance determines how safe the finished prod...

    Authors: Heidi R. Abd El-Hadi, Maya S. Eissa, Hala E. Zaazaa and Basma M. Eltanany
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:177
  42. The multivariate models that are used for spectral data analysis have many beneficial applications, and one of the important applications is the analysis of drugs and their impurities. Three Chemometrically-as...

    Authors: Mona A. Abdel Rahman, Mohamed R. Elghobashy, Hala E. Zaazaa and Sally S. El-Mosallamy
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:176
  43. The psychoanaleptic medication atomoxetine (ATX) is prescribed to cure attention-deficit hyperactivity syndrome. ATX works by selective prevention of norepinephrine reuptake. It acts by raising the brain’s nat...

    Authors: Ahmed A. Abu-hassan
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:175
  44. In the present study, we explored the potential of coumarin-based compounds, known for their potent anticancer properties, by designing and synthesizing a novel category of 8-methoxycoumarin-3-carboxamides. Ou...

    Authors: Ahmad Alzamami, Eman M. Radwan, Eman Abo-Elabass, Mohammed El Behery, Hussah Abdullah Alshwyeh, Ebtesam Al-Olayan, Abdulmalik S. Altamimi, Nashwah G. M. Attallah, Najla Altwaijry, Mariusz Jaremko and Essa M. Saied
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:174
  45. Two accurate, sensitive, and selective methods for simultaneous determination of miconazole nitrate (MIC), nystatin (NYS), and metronidazole (MET) in pure state or drug product were established and verified. F...

    Authors: Maha M. Abdelrahman, Ibrahim A. Naguib, Hala E. Zaazaa and Hend M. Nagieb
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:173

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