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  1. Free doxorubicin (Dox) is used as a chemotherapeutic agent against hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), but it results in cardiotoxicty as a major side effect. Hence, a controlled Dox drug delivery system is extrem...

    Authors: Abdelgawad Fahmi, Mariam Abdur-Rahman, Omnia Mahareek and Mohamed A. shemis
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:95
  2. As a promising strategy to overcome the therapeutic disadvantages of 6-mercaptopurine (6MP), we proposed the encapsulation of 6MP in chitosan nanoparticles (CNPs) to form the 6MP-CNPs complexes. The encapsulat...

    Authors: Amna H. Faid, Samia A. Shouman, Yehia A. Badr, Marwa Sharaky, Elham M. Mostafa and Mahmoud A. Sliem
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:94
  3. Metal organic frameworks (MOFs) have received a lot of attention in the research community due to their unique physical properties, which make them ideal materials for targeted drug delivery systems. In this p...

    Authors: Moosareza Safinejad, Amir Rigi, Malihe Zeraati, Zohreh Heidary, Shohreh Jahani, Narendra Pal Singh Chauhan and Ghasem Sargazi
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:93
  4. Electrophoretic deposition (EPD) coating has become a hot topic due to its simple experiment, wide application, and wide material range. In this study, the PTFE coating was successfully prepared by electrophor...

    Authors: Qing Xiang, Jiyao Qin, Taihong Qin, Lu Chen and Daixiong Zhang
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:92
  5. Herein, we reported the synthesis of nineteen novel 1,2,4-triazole derivatives including 1,3-diphenyl-2-(1H-1,2,4-triazol-1-yl) propan-1-ones (7a-e), 1-(1,3-diphenylpropan-2-yl)-1H-1,2,4-triazole (8a-c) and 1,4-d...

    Authors: Leila Emami, Sara Sadeghian, Ayyub Mojaddami, Soghra khabnadideh, Amirhossein Sakhteman, Hossein Sadeghpour, Zeinab Faghih, Masood Fereidoonnezhad and Zahra Rezaei
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:91
  6. Researchers seeking for green chemistry to help safeguard and boost the economy and the environment by discovering unique ways to decrease waste and find substitutes for dangerous chemicals. In this study, a g...

    Authors: Mohamed Rizk, Emad M. Hussein, Safaa Toubar, Emad Ramzy and Marwa I. Helmy
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:89
  7. A new series of pyridine, thiazole, and pyrazole analogues were synthesized. The pyridone analogues 4a-e were synthesized by treating N-aryl-2-cyano-3-(4-(diphenylamino)phenyl)acrylamides 3a-e with malononitrile....

    Authors: Mohamed R. Elmorsy, Samar E. Mahmoud, Ahmed A. Fadda, Ehab Abdel-Latif and Miral A. Abdelmoaz
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:88
  8. Honey is a natural, sugary and sticky liquid that is produced from the nectars of flowers by the bees. This study aimed to analyze the concentration of some selected heavy Metals in honey samples. 1 g of honey...

    Authors: Dessie Tibebe, Mohammed Hussen, Marye Mulugeta, Dereje yenealem, Zerubabile Moges, Mohammed Gedefaw and Yezbie Kassa
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:87
  9. Zinc-Imidazole coordination polymer (ZnImCP) was simply synthesized hydrothermally at relatively low temperature (70 °C) from zinc acetate and imidazole. ZnImCP was treated by sulfide solution to produce sulfu...

    Authors: Mostafa Mohsen, Ahmad Baraka, Ibrahim Naeem, Hesham Tantawy, Mohamed Awaad and Osama Abuzalat
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:86
  10. Quinolone and sulfonamide are two classes of antibacterial agents with an opulent history of medicinal chemistry features that contribute to their bacterial spectrum, efficacy, pharmacokinetics, and adverse ef...

    Authors: Marwa A. Fouad, Ahmed Serag, Enas H. Tolba, Manal A. El-Shal and Ahmed M. El Kerdawy
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:85
  11. A series of coumarin-indole hybrids was synthesized as the new α-glucosidase inhibitors. The title hybrids were considered as α-glucosidase inhibitors because had two active pharmacophores against α-glucosidas...

    Authors: Davood Rezapour Niri, Mohammad Hosein Sayahi, Somayeh Behrouz, Ali Moazzam, Somayeh Mojtabavi, Mohammad Ali Faramarzi, Bagher Larijani, Hossein Rastegar, Maryam Mohammadi-Khanaposhtani and Mohammad Mahdavi
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:84
  12. N7-(2-carbamoyl-2-hydroxyethyl)guanine (N7-CAG) is a DNA adduct formed by glycidamide, which is the metabolite of acrylamide. Acrylamide can be found in foods containing reducing sugars and asparagine that are h....

    Authors: Yahdiana Harahap, Winning Bekti Safitri and Sunarsih Sunarsih
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:83
  13. Computational tools in investigating of spectral heterocyclic compounds ranges based on pyrimidine‑2‑thiones, take some importance in identifying their molecular and electronic behavior. Some charcoal heterocy...

    Authors: Doaa S. El Sayed and El-Sayed M. Abdelrehim
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:82
  14. Compounds possessing urea/thiourea moiety have a wide range of biological properties including anticancer activity. On the other hand, taking advantage of the low toxicity and structural diversity of hydrazone...

    Authors: Nasrin Nassiri Koopaei, Mehrasa Shademani, Nasrin Shirzad Yazdi, Raheleh Tahmasvand, Mina Dehbid, Mansur Nassiri Koopaei, Homa Azizian, Zahra Mousavi, Ali Almasirad and Mona Salimi
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:81
  15. A highly sensitive spectrofluorimetric method is developed for the determination of prucalopride succinate (PRU). The method depends on lanthanide-sensitized luminescence due to complex formation between the d...

    Authors: Mona S. Elshahed, Safaa S. Toubar, Azza A. Ashour and Rasha Th. El-Eryan
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:80
  16. Modafinil (MDF) is one of the neurostimulants with a potential effect in the COVID-19 ICU ventilated patients and post-COVID neurological syndrome treatment. Four rapid, simple and cost-effective stability ind...

    Authors: Soha G. Elsheikh, Sally S. El-Mosallamy, Yasmin M. Fayez and Abeer M. E. Hassan
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:79
  17. The experimental design extracts valuable information about the main effects and interactions from the least number of experiments. The current work constructs a solid-state sensor for selective assay of Ondan...

    Authors: Mona A. Abdel Rahman, Shimaa A. Atty, Sally S. El-Mosallamy, Mohamed R. Elghobashy, Hala E. Zaazaa and Ahmed S. Saad
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:77
  18. Bryophytes have a variety of bioactive compounds that can be used in biotechnological processes. The objective of this study was to know the volatile chemical composition of Octoblepharum albidum Hedw. from the A...

    Authors: Raynon Joel Monteiro Alves, Thyago Gonçalves Miranda, Rafaela Oliveira Pinheiro, Wandson Braamcamp de Souza Pinheiro, Eloisa Helena de Aguiar Andrade and Ana Cláudia Caldeira Tavares-Martins
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:76
  19. Deregulation of NEK2(NIMA-related serine/threonine 2) confers chemotherapeutic resistance to apoptosis and is closely correlated with poor prognosis in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Here, we find that nanopa...

    Authors: Danni Li, Jiahao Lu, Qiying Zhang, Yuzhu Zhou, Long Li, Hua Zhu and Tong Li
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:75
  20. The photocatalytic degradation (PCD) of ethanol in an inert atmosphere on catalysis was explored in a lab-scale experiment. A morphologically tuned nanostructured controlled ZnO and ZnO/TiO2 nanocomposites were s...

    Authors: Omar Mbrouk, H. Hafez, Sylwia Mozia, A. M. Othman and M. S. A. Abdel Mottaleb
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:74
  21. Currently, all researchers are concentrating their efforts on countering the COVID-19 pandemic. The majority of patients are managed at home, according to recent statistics. An OTC triple action combination co...

    Authors: Hoda M. Marzouk, Engy A. Ibrahim, Maha A. Hegazy and Samah S. Saad
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:73
  22. Pharmaceutical quality control products (QC) demand quick, sensitive, and cost-effective methods to ensure high production at a low cost. Green analytical methods are also becoming more common in pharmaceutica...

    Authors: Hany Ibrahim, Omar M El-Abassy, Hisham Ezzat Abdellatef, Hassan A. M. Hendawy and Heba M El-Sayed
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:72
  23. Cabergoline (CAB) is effective prolactin lowering drug. Evaluation of the bioequivalence for the new test product (0.5 mg CAB film-coated tablets) in Egypt is strongly needed for approval of the drug by the of...

    Authors: Khaled Shalaby, Saleh Alghamdi, Mohammed Gamal, Lobna Mohammed Abd Elhalim and Rehab Moussa Tony
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:71
  24. A new rapid, simple, and sensitive RP-HPLC method was carried out through applying Quality by Design approach for determination of xipamide and valsartan in Human plasma. Fractional factorial design was used f...

    Authors: Mahmoud M. Sebaiy, Sobhy M. El-Adl, Mohamed M. Baraka, Amira A. Hassan and Heba M. El-Sayed
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:70
  25. The deficiency of vitamin B2 can lead to many health problems. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a sensitive, selective and fast method for the determination of vitamin B2 in food samples. In this work, a ...

    Authors: Gizaw Tesfaye, Negussie Negash and Merid Tessema
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:69
  26. A novel series of thiazolidine-2,4-dione molecules was derived and their chemical structures were established using physiochemical parameters and spectral techniques (1H-NMR, IR, MS etc.). The synthesized molecul...

    Authors: Harsh Kumar, Davinder Kumar, Pradeep Kumar, Suresh Thareja, Minakshi Gupta Marwaha, Umashanker Navik and Rakesh Kumar Marwaha
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:68
  27. Nowadays, there are more than fourteen major state and private owned textile industries and garment factories in Ethiopia. However, these textile effluents are directly discharged without treatment to the surr...

    Authors: Dessie Tibebe, Almaz Negash, Marye Mulugeta, Yezbie Kassa, Zerubabel Moges and Dereje Yenealem
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:67
  28. In this study, the novel adsorbent diaminoguanidine-modified cellulose (DiGu.MC) was synthesized to extract mercury, copper, lead and cadmium ions from aqueous solutions and environmental water samples. The sy...

    Authors: Magda A. Akl, Mohammed A. Hashem, Mohammed A. Ismail and Dina A. Abdelgalil
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:65
  29. Recently, an interest has surged in utilizing indigenous medicinal plants to treat infectious illnesses and extract bioactive substances, highlighting the need to analyze medicinal plants for phytochemicals an...

    Authors: Ansar Mehmood, Sonia Javid, Muhammad Faraz Khan, Khawaja Shafique Ahmad and Amna Mustafa
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:64
  30. Fexofenadine hydrochloride and pseudoephedrine hydrochloride are prescribed in a combined dosage form for the treatment of allergic rhinitis. In the present work, a sensitive synchronous fluorescence spectrosc...

    Authors: Sherif Ramzy, Ahmed H. Abdelazim and Mohamed A. Hasan
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:62
  31. Aurora-A kinase is associated with the Aurora kinase family which has been considered a striking anticancer target for the treatment of human cancers.

    Authors: Meenu Beniwal, Neelam Jain, Sandeep Jain and Navidha Aggarwal
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:61
  32. Several quantitative analytical methods were used to estimate aspirin and omeprazole in recently FDA-approved tablets. The first derivative of the ratio spectra was used to resolve the recorded overlapping spe...

    Authors: Ahmed H. Abdelazim and Sherif Ramzy
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:60
  33. Development of ultra-fine fiber technology and nano-sized materials are widely taking place to enhance the characteristic of different materials. In our study, a newly developed technique was used to produce i...

    Authors: Ahmed K. Hussein, Ahmed Elbeih, Mohamed Mokhtar and Mahmoud Abdelhafiz
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:59
  34. Elagolix (ELX) is an orally administered non-peptidic GnRH antagonist that has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2018 for the treatment of endometriosis pain. A sensitive and selective metho...

    Authors: Baher I. Salman, Ahmed I. Hassan, Yasser F. Hassan and Roshdy E. Saraya
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:58
  35. A novel series of diphenylquinoxaline-6-carbohydrazide hybrids 7a–o were rationally designed and synthesized as anti-diabetic agents. All synthesized compounds 7a–o were screened as possible α-glucosidase inhibit...

    Authors: Keyvan Pedrood, Zahra Rezaei, Kimia Khavaninzadeh, Bagher Larijani, Aida Iraji, Samanesadat Hosseini, Somayeh Mojtabavi, Mehdi Dianatpour, Hossein Rastegar, Mohammad Ali Faramarzi, Haleh Hamedifar, Mir Hamed Hajimiri and Mohammad Mahdavi
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:57
  36. Lake Tana is the largest freshwater body in Ethiopia. Currently, the lake has been facing alarming environmental degradation and loss of biodiversity due to the invasion of water hyacinth. Although the weed is...

    Authors: Dessie Tibebe, Kehali Jembere, Addisu Kidie, Marelign Adugna, Teferi Alem and Gizachew Teshome
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:56
  37. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is an indispensable technique for the structure elucidation of molecules and determination of their characteristic interactions. Residual Dipolar Coupling (RDC) is...

    Authors: Ali Yassin, Bilal Nehmeh, Sally El Kantar, Yara Al Kazzaz and Elias Akoury
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:54
  38. The simple and greener one-pot approach for the synthesis of biscoumarin derivatives using catalytic amounts of nano-MoO3 catalyst under mortar-pestle grinding was described. The use of non-toxic and mild catalys...

    Authors: Elham Zarenezhad, Mohammad Nazari Montazer, Masoumeh Tabatabaee, Cambyz Irajie and Aida Iraji
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:53
  39. A novel Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) and poly (4-vinylpyridine) (P4VP) hydrogel system is synthesized with different ratios, in the presence of cross-linker N, N,- methylene bis-acrylamide (MBA). The hydrogel is...

    Authors: Riham R. Mohamed, Marie E. Fahim and Soliman M. A. Soliman
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:52
  40. Phosphogypsum (PG) is the main by-product of phosphoric acid, which is produced by the sulfuric acid attack of phosphate rocks, wet process. This by-product, which contains around 2.0% phosphoric acid, is used...

    Authors: M. S. Gasser, Z. H. Ismail, E. M. Abu Elgoud, F. Abdel Hai, I. O. Ali and H. F. Aly
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:51
  41. N-acylhydrazones are considered privileged structures in medicinal chemistry, being part of antimicrobial compounds (for example). In this study we show the activity of N-acylhydrazone compounds, namely AH1, AH2,...

    Authors: Fernanda A. Oliveira, Ana Claudia S. Pinto, Caique L. Duarte, Alex G. Taranto, Eder Lorenzato Junior, Cleydson Finotti Cordeiro, Diogo T. Carvalho, Fernando P. Varotti and Amanda L. Fonseca
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:50
  42. Small molecules are rising as a new generation of immune checkpoints’ inhibitors, with compounds targeting the human Programmed death-ligand 1 (hPD-L1) protein are pioneering this area of research. Promising e...

    Authors: Marawan Ahmed, Aravindhan Ganesan and Khaled Barakat
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:49
  43. Cancer is one of the most dangerous and widespread diseases in the world today and it has risen to the position of the leading cause of death around the globe in the last few decades. Due to the inherent resis...

    Authors: Mohammed Hawash, Nidal Jaradat, Ahmad M. Eid, Ahmad Abubaker, Ola Mufleh, Qusay Al-Hroub and Shorooq Sobuh
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:47

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