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  1. The discovery of new lead skeleton against melanoma are urgently needed due to its highly malignant and mortality. Herein, a new molecular entity (EU-5) derived from eudistomin U was synthesized with total yie...

    Authors: Jixiang Gao, Jinyi Liu, Tao Yu, Chenggong Xu, Hao Sun, Chunbo Lu, Wenjia Dan and Jiangkun Dai
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:184
  2. Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacterales (CRE) has emerged as a worldwide spread nosocomial superbug exhibiting antimicrobial resistance (AMR) to all current antibiotics, leaving limited options for treating its ...

    Authors: Wenbin Jin, Chen Xu, Ning Dong, Kaichao Chen, Die Zhang, Jinhua Ning, Yunbing Li, Guangfen Zhang, Jin Ke, Anguo Hou, Linyun Chen, Sheng Chen and Kin-Fai Chan
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:183
  3. Fraxinus hubeiensis is a plant endemic to China and widely used as folk medicine to treat various diseases. However, its chemical constituents have never been reported sufficiently. Thus, the primary objective of...

    Authors: Xin-Yi Liu, Hong-Xia Tang, Wen-Bing Sheng, Qu-Jing Luo, Lin-Xi Mao, Yu-Pei Yang, Xiao-Zhou Guo, Qing-Lai Wu, Yu-Qing Jian, Wei Wang and Xu-Dong Zhou
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:182
  4. Three green and facile spectrophotometric methods were developed for the assay of Petro® components; drotaverine HCl (DRT), caffeine (CAFF), and paracetamol (PAR). The three methods depend on measuring the absorb...

    Authors: Rana Ghonim, Manar M. Tolba, Fawzia Ibrahim and Mohamed I. El-Awady
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:181
  5. Nanoparticle-based composites have the potential to meet requirements for radiosensitization in both therapeutic and diagnostic applications. The radiosensitizing properties of nanoparticles could be reliant o...

    Authors: Elham Mansouri, Asghar Mesbahi, Hamed Hamishehkar, Soheila Montazersaheb, Vahid Hosseini and Saeed Rajabpour
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:180
  6. As a GABA-β receptor agonist, the central muscle relaxant Baclofen (BAC) has a potential of abuse. Unfortunately, the sense of wellbeing and pleasure is obtained at very high BAC doses. This is associated with...

    Authors: Mariam O. Abd el-Aziz, Ahmed H. Nadim, Hany H. Monir, M. Nebsen and Sameh E. Younis
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:179
  7. The use of sustainable solvents has increased significantly in recent years due to advancements in green analytical methods. The number of impurities in the drug substance determines how safe the finished prod...

    Authors: Heidi R. Abd El-Hadi, Maya S. Eissa, Hala E. Zaazaa and Basma M. Eltanany
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:177
  8. The multivariate models that are used for spectral data analysis have many beneficial applications, and one of the important applications is the analysis of drugs and their impurities. Three Chemometrically-as...

    Authors: Mona A. Abdel Rahman, Mohamed R. Elghobashy, Hala E. Zaazaa and Sally S. El-Mosallamy
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:176
  9. The psychoanaleptic medication atomoxetine (ATX) is prescribed to cure attention-deficit hyperactivity syndrome. ATX works by selective prevention of norepinephrine reuptake. It acts by raising the brain’s nat...

    Authors: Ahmed A. Abu-hassan
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:175
  10. In the present study, we explored the potential of coumarin-based compounds, known for their potent anticancer properties, by designing and synthesizing a novel category of 8-methoxycoumarin-3-carboxamides. Ou...

    Authors: Ahmad Alzamami, Eman M. Radwan, Eman Abo-Elabass, Mohammed El Behery, Hussah Abdullah Alshwyeh, Ebtesam Al-Olayan, Abdulmalik S. Altamimi, Nashwah G. M. Attallah, Najla Altwaijry, Mariusz Jaremko and Essa M. Saied
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:174
  11. Two accurate, sensitive, and selective methods for simultaneous determination of miconazole nitrate (MIC), nystatin (NYS), and metronidazole (MET) in pure state or drug product were established and verified. F...

    Authors: Maha M. Abdelrahman, Ibrahim A. Naguib, Hala E. Zaazaa and Hend M. Nagieb
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:173
  12. Selenocompounds protect against damage to healthy cells and induce the death of tumor cells by apoptosis; for this reason, they are attractive compounds for cancer research. In the present study, two series of...

    Authors: Wenxin Xu, Yali Du, Beibin Pan, Qiying Wang, Haoran Zheng, Ruonan Zhang, Jiaxin Lou, Guanghui Zhu, Jie Zhou and Jian Sun
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:172
  13. Mesalazine (5-ASA) is a medication utilized to treat inflammatory bowel diseases involving ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Mesalazine has fewer side effects but the low solubility and bioavailability o...

    Authors: Elina Armani, Parisa Jafari, Salar Hemmati, Elaheh Rahimpour, Mohammad Barzegar-Jalali and Abolghasem Jouyban
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:171
  14. Environmental appearance of antimicrobials due to frequent use of personal care products as recommended by WHO can cause serious flare-up of antimicrobial resistance. In this work, three eco-friendly microfabr...

    Authors: Nardine Safwat, Amr M. Mahmoud, Maha F. Abdel-Ghany and Miriam F. Ayad
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:170
  15. The improvement of the solubility of sulfasalazine in physiological media was the major aim of this study. Accordingly, BNNT inspected as a notable candidate for the carriage of this drug in aqueous media. For...

    Authors: Sepideh Ketabi, Saba Shalmashi and Sara Hallajian
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:169
  16. The study reports the development of a high-performance liquid chromatography/diode array detection method to measure the levels of nirmatrelvir and ritonavir in human plasma. These two antiviral medications a...

    Authors: Inas A. Abdallah, Sherin F. Hammad, Alaa Bedair and Fotouh R. Mansour
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:166
  17. Ametryn (AME) is a triazine herbicide which is mainly used to kill unwanted herbs in crops. Despite its importance in agriculture, the usage of AME also poses a risk to humans and the ecosystem due to its toxi...

    Authors: Rachel Marcella Roland, Showkat Ahmad Bhawani and Mohamad Nasir Mohamad Ibrahim
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:165
  18. Three-levels Box-Behnken design was used in the experimental design approach for the optimization of chromatographic parameters to achieve the optimum resolution and sharp peak shape within a reasonable run ti...

    Authors: Eman A. Mostafa, Mohamed K. El‐Ashrey and Sally Tarek Mahmoud
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:164
  19. Two simple and rapid chromatographic methods were developed and validated for the analysis of levamisole and triclabendazole simultaneously in pure and pharmaceutical products. The first method is thin-layer c...

    Authors: Khalid A. M. Attia, Ebrahim A. El-Desouky, Amr M. Abdelfatah and Nahla A. Abdelshafi
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:163
  20. The physical and chemical structure of activated carbon (AC) varies with the carbonization temperature, activation process and time. The texture and toughness of the starting raw material also determine the mo...

    Authors: Ibrahim Karume, Simon Bbumba, Simon Tewolde, Is’harq Z. T. Mukasa and Muhammad Ntale
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:162
  21. Melanoma presents increasing prevalence and poor outcomes. Progression to aggressive stages is characterized by overexpression of the transcription factor E2F1 and activation of downstream prometastatic gene r...

    Authors: Nivedita Singh, Faiz M Khan, Lakshmi Bala, Julio Vera, Olaf Wolkenhauer, Brigitte Pützer, Stella Logotheti and Shailendra K. Gupta
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:161
  22. In this study, an environmentally friendly, solvent- and catalyst-free synthesis of 2-anilino nicotinic acids derivatives is reported. This operationally simple and green procedure was applied to a selection o...

    Authors: Mahsa Yarhorhosseini, Shahrzad Javanshir, Ahmad Shahir Sadr, Milad Noori, Navid Dastyafteh, Maryam Esmkhani, Aida Iraji and Mohammad Mahdavi
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:160
  23. In this work, we focused on the 3rd goal of the sustainable development plan: achieving good health and supporting well-being. Two redox-active hydrazo ligands namely, phenylcarbonohydrazonoyldicyanide (PCHD) and...

    Authors: Eman Hassan Elsayed, Dhuha Al-Wahaib, Ali El-Dissouky Ali, Beshir A. Abd-El-Nabey and Hemmat A. Elbadawy
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:159
  24. Water contamination has become a global challenge to human survival. Non-biodegradable heavy metal cations and steroid hormones could accumulate in the human body and could result in serious health problems. I...

    Authors: Sefiu Olaitan Amusat, Temesgen Girma Kebede, Edward Ndumiso Nxumalo, Simiso Dube and Mathew Muzi Nindi
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:158
  25. Lebanese cuisine is renowned for its distinctive flavours and vibrant aromas. In Lebanese cuisine, spices are not just used for their flavour; they are also valued for their medicinal properties. This study co...

    Authors: Youssef El Rayess, Lea Nehme, Chantal Ghanem, Marc El Beyrouthy, Carmen Sadaka, Samar Azzi-Achkouty, Nancy Nehme, Eda Sönmez Gürer and Javad Sharifi-Rad
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:157
  26. This paper deals with the evaluation of novel imidazole molecules for their antimicrobial and larvicidal activities. A series of imidazole derivatives 1(af) and 2(ae) were prepared by the Mannich base technique...

    Authors: Janani Mullaivendhan, Idhayadhulla Akbar, Mansour K. Gatasheh, Ashraf Atef Hatamleh, Anis Ahamed, Mohamed Hussain Syed Abuthakir and Raman Gurusamy
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:155
  27. In this pared, an efficient method is introduced for the synthesis of 3-alkyl-2-(((4-(2-oxopropyl)-1H-1,2,3-triazol-1-yl)alkyl)thio)-2,3-dihydroquinazolin-4(1H)-one derivatives. These novel products have both 1,2...

    Authors: Alireza Sherafati, Shahram Moradi and Mohammad Mahdavi
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:154
  28. The ligand N-{[(phenyl amino) thioxomethyl] hydrazino carbonyl methyl} trimethyl ammonium chloride (PTHAC) was prepared by the refluxing phenyl isothiocyanate and Girard-T (trimethyl ammonium-acethydrazide) in...

    Authors: Magda A. Akl, Nora A. El Mahdy, Zizi Elbadrawy, Abdelrahman S. El-Zeny and Mohsen M. Mostafa
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:153
  29. Recently, green analytical chemistry (GAC) is a key issue towards the idea of sustainability, the analytical community is focused on developing analytical methods that incorporate green chemistry principles to...

    Authors: Esraa S. Ashour, Maha A. Hegazy, Amal M. Abou Al-Alamein, Ghada M. El-Sayed and Nermine S. Ghoniem
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:151
  30. In this work, we presented a synthesis of a composite based on HAp and PEG 6000 using a new method of synthesis dissolution precipitation to be applied for application of wastewater purification from toxic met...

    Authors: K. Azzaoui, S. Jodeh, E. Mejdoubi, B. Hammouti, M. Taleb, G. Ennabety, A. Berisha, M. Aaddouz, M. H. Youssouf, S. Shityakov, R. Sabbahi and M. Algarra
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:150
  31. Carbon-coated ZrO2/Mn-Mg-Zn ferrites nanostructures (CZ-FN) have been prepared as a new inorganic sorbent to remove Cs (I) and Sr (II) from a waste stream. Adsorption of Cs (I) and Sr (II) has been implemented co...

    Authors: M. I. A. Abdel Maksoud, G. A. Murad and H. S. Hassan
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:149
  32. LaFeO3 perovskite is prepared by the cellulose-modified microwave-assisted citrate method using two different biomasses as a cellulose source; rice straw (RS) and banana peel (BP). The prepared samples are assign...

    Authors: Shimaa M. Ali, Mohamed A. El Mansop, Ahmed Galal, Soha M. Abd El Wahab, Wafaa M. T. El-Etr and Hanaa A. Zein El-Abdeen
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:148
  33. As an essential marker of cancer treatment, PARP-1 inhibitors could effectively kill tumor cells through a mechanism known as synthetic lethality and are used to treat a variety of cancers. In order to explore...

    Authors: Ling Yu, Jian-hui Li, Ju Zhu, You-de Wang, Zhi-wei Yan, Li-ying Zhang and Shuai Li
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:147
  34. In our previous study, the three-dimensional graphene-modified PbO2 (3DG-PbO2) anode was prepared for the effective degradation of perfluorooctanesulfonat (PFOS) by the electrochemical oxidation process. However,...

    Authors: Xiaoyue Duan, Ziqi Ning, Weiyi Wang, Yitong Li, Xuesong Zhao, Liyue Liu, Wenqian Li and Limin Chang
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:146
  35. Two simple, accurate and precise chromatographic methods have been developed and validated for estimating Mupirocin (MUP) in two binary mixtures. Mixture (1); with Fluticasone propionate (FLU) together with tw...

    Authors: Maha M. Galal, Shaaban A. Abdullah, Ola Y. Mohamed and Azza A. Moustafa
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:145
  36. The emergence of pest resistance of Spodoptera littoralis (order; Lepidoptera, family; Noctuidae) towards the large scale of different classes of insecticides necessitates the development of some new poly-functio...

    Authors: Eslam A. Ghaith, Hajar A. Ali, Mohamed A. Ismail, Abd El-Aziz S. Fouda and M. Abd El Salam
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:144
  37. Authors: Zia ur Rehman Khan, Nasir Assad, Muhammad Naeem-ul-Hassan, Muhammad Sher, Fatema Suliman Alatawi, Mohsen Suliman Alatawi, Awatif M.E. Omran, Rasha M.A. Jame, Muhammad Adnan, Muhammad Nauman Khan, Baber Ali, Sana Wahab, Sarah Abdul Razak, Muhammad Ammar Javed, Alevcan Kaplan and Mehdi Rahimi
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:143

    The original article was published in BMC Chemistry 2023 17:128

  38. [1,8]-Naphthyridine derivatives have been reported to possess important biological activities and may serve as attractive pharmacophores in the drug discovery process. [1,8]-Naphthyridine derivatives (1a-1l) were...

    Authors: Salman Alrokayan, Tajamul Hussain, Salman Alamery, Arif Ahmed Mohammed, Abid Mahmood, Syeda Abida Ejaz, Peter Langer and Jamshed Iqbal
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:142
  39. The development and validation of the stability indicating HPLC technique has contributed to the understanding of the stability profile of ibuprofen (IBU) and phenylephrine (PHE). Stability profile was achieve...

    Authors: Khadiga M. Kelani, Yasmin M. Fayez, Ahmed M. Abdel-Raoof, Reham A. Fekry and Said A. Hassan
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:141
  40. The presence of minor components represents a challenging problem in spectrophotometric analysis of pharmaceuticals. If one component has a low absorptivity or present in a low concentration compared to the ot...

    Authors: Said A. Hassan, Reham A. Fekry, Yasmin M. Fayez and Khadiga M. Kelani
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:140
  41. New derivatives of heterocyclic bearing pyrazole moiety were synthesized (eight new compounds from 2 to 9) via green synthesis methods (microwave-assisted and grinding techniques). 4,6-Diamino-1,3-diphenyl-1H-pyr...

    Authors: Kurls E. Anwer, Galal H. Sayed, Basma M. Essa and Adli A. Selim
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:139
  42. Four simple, specific, easy, precise and accurate spectrophotometric methods were developed for the first time to examine ciprofloxacin and metronidazole in combination, without having been separated beforehan...

    Authors: Mahmoud M. Sebaiy, Sobhy M. El-Adl, Alaa Nafea, Samar O. Aljazzar, Eslam B. Elkaeed, Amr A. Mattar and Samar S. Elbaramawi
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:137
  43. Economical, highly robust, selective, precise, and eco-friendly RP-UPLC and spectrophotometric methods were developed and validated for the concurrent estimation of selected pharmaceutical drugs represented in...

    Authors: Nada S. Al-Kadhi, Mahmoud A. Mohamed, Hoda A. Ahmed and Hossam F. Nassar
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:136
  44. Relevant virulence traits in Candida spp. are associated with dimorphic change and biofilm formation, which became an important target to reduce antifungal resistance. In this work, Co(II) complexes containing a ...

    Authors: Ricardo A. Murcia-Galán, Sandra M. Durán, Sandra M. Leal-Pinto, Martha V. Roa-Cordero, Jose D. Vargas, Laura V. Herrera, Alvaro Muñoz-Castro, Desmond MacLeod-Carey, Tonny W. Naranjo, Peter L. Rodríguez-Kessler and John J. Hurtado
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:135

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