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  1. Carbon-coated ZrO2/Mn-Mg-Zn ferrites nanostructures (CZ-FN) have been prepared as a new inorganic sorbent to remove Cs (I) and Sr (II) from a waste stream. Adsorption of Cs (I) and Sr (II) has been implemented co...

    Authors: M. I. A. Abdel Maksoud, G. A. Murad and H. S. Hassan
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:149
  2. LaFeO3 perovskite is prepared by the cellulose-modified microwave-assisted citrate method using two different biomasses as a cellulose source; rice straw (RS) and banana peel (BP). The prepared samples are assign...

    Authors: Shimaa M. Ali, Mohamed A. El Mansop, Ahmed Galal, Soha M. Abd El Wahab, Wafaa M. T. El-Etr and Hanaa A. Zein El-Abdeen
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:148
  3. As an essential marker of cancer treatment, PARP-1 inhibitors could effectively kill tumor cells through a mechanism known as synthetic lethality and are used to treat a variety of cancers. In order to explore...

    Authors: Ling Yu, Jian-hui Li, Ju Zhu, You-de Wang, Zhi-wei Yan, Li-ying Zhang and Shuai Li
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:147
  4. In our previous study, the three-dimensional graphene-modified PbO2 (3DG-PbO2) anode was prepared for the effective degradation of perfluorooctanesulfonat (PFOS) by the electrochemical oxidation process. However,...

    Authors: Xiaoyue Duan, Ziqi Ning, Weiyi Wang, Yitong Li, Xuesong Zhao, Liyue Liu, Wenqian Li and Limin Chang
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:146
  5. Two simple, accurate and precise chromatographic methods have been developed and validated for estimating Mupirocin (MUP) in two binary mixtures. Mixture (1); with Fluticasone propionate (FLU) together with tw...

    Authors: Maha M. Galal, Shaaban A. Abdullah, Ola Y. Mohamed and Azza A. Moustafa
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:145
  6. The emergence of pest resistance of Spodoptera littoralis (order; Lepidoptera, family; Noctuidae) towards the large scale of different classes of insecticides necessitates the development of some new poly-functio...

    Authors: Eslam A. Ghaith, Hajar A. Ali, Mohamed A. Ismail, Abd El-Aziz S. Fouda and M. Abd El Salam
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:144
  7. Authors: Zia ur Rehman Khan, Nasir Assad, Muhammad Naeem-ul-Hassan, Muhammad Sher, Fatema Suliman Alatawi, Mohsen Suliman Alatawi, Awatif M.E. Omran, Rasha M.A. Jame, Muhammad Adnan, Muhammad Nauman Khan, Baber Ali, Sana Wahab, Sarah Abdul Razak, Muhammad Ammar Javed, Alevcan Kaplan and Mehdi Rahimi
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:143

    The original article was published in BMC Chemistry 2023 17:128

  8. [1,8]-Naphthyridine derivatives have been reported to possess important biological activities and may serve as attractive pharmacophores in the drug discovery process. [1,8]-Naphthyridine derivatives (1a-1l) were...

    Authors: Salman Alrokayan, Tajamul Hussain, Salman Alamery, Arif Ahmed Mohammed, Abid Mahmood, Syeda Abida Ejaz, Peter Langer and Jamshed Iqbal
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:142
  9. The development and validation of the stability indicating HPLC technique has contributed to the understanding of the stability profile of ibuprofen (IBU) and phenylephrine (PHE). Stability profile was achieve...

    Authors: Khadiga M. Kelani, Yasmin M. Fayez, Ahmed M. Abdel-Raoof, Reham A. Fekry and Said A. Hassan
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:141
  10. The presence of minor components represents a challenging problem in spectrophotometric analysis of pharmaceuticals. If one component has a low absorptivity or present in a low concentration compared to the ot...

    Authors: Said A. Hassan, Reham A. Fekry, Yasmin M. Fayez and Khadiga M. Kelani
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:140
  11. New derivatives of heterocyclic bearing pyrazole moiety were synthesized (eight new compounds from 2 to 9) via green synthesis methods (microwave-assisted and grinding techniques). 4,6-Diamino-1,3-diphenyl-1H-pyr...

    Authors: Kurls E. Anwer, Galal H. Sayed, Basma M. Essa and Adli A. Selim
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:139
  12. Four simple, specific, easy, precise and accurate spectrophotometric methods were developed for the first time to examine ciprofloxacin and metronidazole in combination, without having been separated beforehan...

    Authors: Mahmoud M. Sebaiy, Sobhy M. El-Adl, Alaa Nafea, Samar O. Aljazzar, Eslam B. Elkaeed, Amr A. Mattar and Samar S. Elbaramawi
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:137
  13. Economical, highly robust, selective, precise, and eco-friendly RP-UPLC and spectrophotometric methods were developed and validated for the concurrent estimation of selected pharmaceutical drugs represented in...

    Authors: Nada S. Al-Kadhi, Mahmoud A. Mohamed, Hoda A. Ahmed and Hossam F. Nassar
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:136
  14. Relevant virulence traits in Candida spp. are associated with dimorphic change and biofilm formation, which became an important target to reduce antifungal resistance. In this work, Co(II) complexes containing a ...

    Authors: Ricardo A. Murcia-Galán, Sandra M. Durán, Sandra M. Leal-Pinto, Martha V. Roa-Cordero, Jose D. Vargas, Laura V. Herrera, Alvaro Muñoz-Castro, Desmond MacLeod-Carey, Tonny W. Naranjo, Peter L. Rodríguez-Kessler and John J. Hurtado
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:135
  15. Antibiotics have been detected worldwide in the aquatic environment. Moreover, certain classes of antibiotics have been repurposed for the management of COVID-19, which increased their use and presence in wast...

    Authors: Christine M. El-Maraghy, Sarah S. Saleh, Mervat S. Ibrahim and Omnia A. El-Naem
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:134
  16. Three novel, simple and accurate multivariate spectrophotometric assisted mathematical techniques were developed for determination of paracetamol, caffeine, drotaverine HCl and their related impurities. The us...

    Authors: Samia A. Tawfik, Maha A. Hegazy, Nariman A. El-Ragehy and Ghada A. Sedik
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:133
  17. The establishment and validation of a straightforward, accurate, and eco-friendly capillary zone electrophoretic-diode array detection (CZE-DAD) procedure has been presented for concurrent measurement of two c...

    Authors: Maha R. Habeeb, Samir M. Morshedy, Hoda G. Daabees and Sohila M. Elonsy
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:132
  18. In this work, an accurate, highly sensitive, and economical electrochemical sensor based on a carbon paste electrode modified by Ca2CuO3 nanostructure (Ca2CuO3 NS) was constructed using Eggshell waste recycling a...

    Authors: M. Khodari, H. F. Assaf, Ahmed A. Shamroukh and E. M. Rabie
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:131
  19. Recently, mirabegron has been added to tamsulosin to treat overactive bladder in men with benign prostatic hypertrophy. A Rapid, selective, sensitive, and green high-performance thin-layer chromatography (HPTL...

    Authors: Maha M. Abou El-Alamin, Safaa S. Toubar, Dina A. Mohamed and Marwa I. Helmy
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:130
  20. Favipiravir (FAV) has been approved as an antiviral drug used in pandemic corona virus to treat covid-19. It has an amide moiety susceptible to hydrolysis and degradation in acid medium. Therefore, four simple...

    Authors: Yasmine Ahmed Sharaf, Mai H. Abd El-Fattah, Heba M. El-Sayed and Maha A. Hegazy
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:129
  21. In this study, a polar extract of Aconitum lycoctonum L. was used for the synthesis of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs), followed by their characterization using different techniques and evaluation of their potential...

    Authors: Zia ur Rehman Khan, Nasir Assad, Muhammad Naeem-ul-Hassan, Muhammad Sher, Fatema Suliman Alatawi, Mohsen Suliman Alatawi, Awatif M. E. Omran, Rasha M. A. Jame, Muhammad Adnan, Muhammad Nauman Khan, Baber Ali, Sana Wahab, Sarah Abdul Razak, Muhammad Ammar Javed, Alevcan Kaplan and Mehdi Rahimi
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:128

    The Correction to this article has been published in BMC Chemistry 2023 17:143

  22. New thienopyrimidine derivatives were designed and synthesized as GSK-3β inhibitors based on the structure of active binding site of GSK-3β enzyme. In this study, compounds 6b and 6a were found to be moderate GSK...

    Authors: Joseph S. Saleh, Soha R. Abd El Hadi, Hany S. Ibrahim, Eman Z. Elrazaz and Khaled A. M. Abouzid
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:127
  23. A study was conducted to treat the water-based drilling fluid through coagulation-flocculation. Innovative modified acrylamide copolymers were utilized as montmorillonite flocculants to improve drilling perfor...

    Authors: Shirin Faridi, Akbar Mobinikhaledi, Hassan Moghanian and Meisam Shabanian
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:125
  24. Implementing powerful and sustainable research that complies with green analytical chemistry (GAC) and white analytical chemistry (WAC) fundamentals can downsize the environmental compliance costs and fruitful...

    Authors: Haydi S. Elbordiny, Sohila M. Elonsy, Hoda G. Daabees and Tarek S. Belal
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:124
  25. In the present work a simple enzymatic approach (Novozym 435) for transesterification to synthesize pyrrole esters was reported. To generate the best reaction conditions, which resulted in the optimum yield of...

    Authors: Jingyi Hu, Meng Zhou, Yujie Zhang, Xi Zhang, Xiaoming Ji, Mingqin Zhao and Miao Lai
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:123
  26. COVID-19 is a serious virus that can have a lot of effects, one of which is a secondary bacterial infection that can be more life-threatening and even lethal than the initial viral infection. Hence a fast and ...

    Authors: Khaled K. Afify, Ramadan Ali, Mohammad A. El-Dosoky and Mohamed wafaa I. Nassar
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:121
  27. Ritonavir was recently combined with nirmatrelvir in a new approved co-packaged medication form for the treatment of COVID-19. Quantitative analysis based on fluorescence spectroscopy measurement was extensive...

    Authors: Mohamed S. Imam, Ahmed H. Abdelazim, Sherif Ramzy, Ahmed A. Almrasy, Mohammed Gamal and Afnan S. Batubara
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:120
  28. This study deployed ultrasonic-assisted extraction (UAE), combined with natural deep eutectic solvents (NADES), to extract phenolics and flavonoids from the black mulberry fruit, and the antioxidant activity w...

    Authors: Tan Phat Vo, Thuy Vy Pham, Kasia Weina, Thi Ngoc Huyen Tran, Le Thao Vy Vo, Phuc Thanh Nguyen, Tran Linh Ha Bui, Thuy Han Phan and Dinh Quan Nguyen
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:119
  29. Biofuels are renewable alternatives to fossil fuels. Levopimaric acid‒base biofuels have attracted increasing attention. However, their stability remains a critical issue in practice. Thus, there is a strong i...

    Authors: Yuanlin Li, Hongqin Chen, Heng Yan, Yangyong Xu, Jinwen Tang, Runsen Wang, Mengru Yan, Yuqiao Dai, Yongguang Huang and Xiongmin Liu
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:118
  30. A novel adsorbent was prepared using a backbone comprising chemically hybridized dialdehyde cellulose (DAC) with chitosan via Schiff base reaction, followed by graft copolymerization of acrylic acid. Fourier t...

    Authors: Essam S. Abd El-Sayed, Sawsan Dacrory, Hisham A. Essawy, Hanan S. Ibrahim, Nabila S. Ammar and Samir Kamel
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:117
  31. One of the most robust global challenges and difficulties in the 21st century is cancer. Treating cancer is a goal which continues to motivate researchers to innovate in design and development of new treatment...

    Authors: Fatma Fouad Hagar, Samar H. Abbas, Hesham A. M. Gomaa, Bahaa G. M. Youssif, Ahmed M. Sayed, Dalia Abdelhamid and Mohamed Abdel-Aziz
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:116
  32. In the biological method, using nonpathogenic and extremophile bacteria systems are not only safe and highly efficient but also a trump card for synthesizing nanoparticles. Halomonas elongata QW6 IBRC-M 10,214 (H...

    Authors: Maryam Tabibi, Soheil Aghaei, Mohammad Ali Amoozegar, Razieh Nazari and Mohammad Reza Zolfaghari
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:115
  33. In this article for the first time the quantum calculations of 3-methyl-4-oxoimidazo[5,1-d][1,2,3,5]tetrazine-8-carboxamide (Temozolomide) in HCM-Cellulose Substrate are evaluated using the B3LYP/6-31G level o...

    Authors: Masoumeh Shahi and Fatemeh Azarakhshi
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:114
  34. New, simple, accurate, sensitive and validated high performance thin layer chromatographic (HPTLC) method coupled with UV absorbance mode and fluorescence (FL) detectors which were used for simultaneous determ...

    Authors: M. Rizk, Shereen Mowaka, Mariam Mohamed and Maha M. Abou El-Alamin
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:113
  35. This study aimed to prepare antifouling and highly mechanical strengthening membranes for brackish and underground water desalination. It was designed from cellulose acetate (CA) loaded anatase. Anatase was pr...

    Authors: Ahmed S. Abdel-Fatah, Hebat-Allah S. Tohamy, Sayed I. Ahmed, Mohamed A. Youssef, Mohamed R. Mabrouk, Samir Kamel, Farag A. Samhan and Ayman El-Gendi
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:112
  36. Inert allyl-type monomers have been widely documented due to reduce degradation chain transfer. Recently, we and others discovered that the [3 + 2] cyclization reaction process by a photo-driven radical reacti...

    Authors: Xiaotian Zhao, YaMing Li, Shibo Lin, Chun Liu, Xirui Guo, Xuanhao Li, Lihui He, Xi Chen and Guodong Ye
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:111
  37. In this study, the oxidation characteristics of isoprene were investigated using a custom-designed mini closed pressure vessel test (MCPVT). The results show that isoprene is unstable and polymerization occurs...

    Authors: Min Liang, Suyi Dai, Haijun Cheng, Chang Yu, Weiguang Li, Fang Lai, Kang Yang, Li Ma and Xiongmin Liu
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:110
  38. The textile, paper, rubber, plastic, leather, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and food sectors extensively use malachite green (MG). In spite of this, it has mutagenic, carcinogenic, teratogenic, and, in some circu...

    Authors: Mostafa M. El-Sheekh, Mohamed A. Deyab, Nagwa I. Hassan and Seham E. Abu Ahmed
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:108
  39. This study establishes a UHPLC‒MS/MS method for the detection of zanubrutinib and explores its interaction with fluconazole and isavuconazole in rats.

    Authors: Peng-fei Tang, Su-su Bao, Zhong-xiang Xiao, Wei-fei Xie, Xue-meng Wu, Hong-lei Ge and Chuan-feng Shao
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:107
  40. The current study involves the design and synthesis of a newly synthesized pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidine derivatives to contain chlorine atoms in positions 4 and 6 and trichloromethyl group in position 2 using microwa...

    Authors: Farid M. Sroor, Wael M. Tohamy, Khairy M. A. Zoheir, Nagwa M. Abdelazeem, Karima F. Mahrous and Nada S. Ibrahim
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:106
  41. This study aims to develop an effective and sensitive HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) method to determine the nitrate concentration in fruits and vegetables (F & V) using a C18 column (ZORBAX Eclips...

    Authors: Rayhan Uddin, G. M. Rabiul Islam, Mohammad Zia Uddin and Mostak Uddin Thakur
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:105
  42. Acid red 73 is an azo dye, and its residue can pollute the environment and seriously threaten human health and life. In this study, glutaraldehyde was used as the crosslinking agent, chitosan and polyvinyl alc...

    Authors: Jia Wei, Luchun Yan, Zhifang Zhang, Bing Hu, Wenjun Gui and Yanjun Cui
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:104
  43. Three smart carbon paste electrodes were fabricated to quantify dorzolamide hydrochloride DRZ, including conventional carbon paste I, modified carbon paste embedding Silica II, and modified carbon paste embedd...

    Authors: Mai M. Mora, Nahla S. Ismail, Hala E. Zaazaa and Shereen A. Boltia
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:103
  44. This study aimed to establish a method for the simultaneous determination of isoquercitrin, trifolin and afzelin in A. persica flowers by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with ionic liquid as extract...

    Authors: Wei Zhang, Zhenhua Yin, Qingfeng Guo, Lin Chen and Juanjuan Zhang
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:102
  45. Cardiovascular disorders are among the leading causes of death worldwide, especially hypertension, a silent killer syndrome requiring multiple drug therapy for appropriate management. Hydrochlorothiazide is an...

    Authors: Hoda M. Marzouk, Sara El-Hanboushy, Reem H. Obaydo, Yasmin M. Fayez, Mohamed Abdelkawy and Hayam M. Lotfy
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:101
  46. Considering the green chemistry perspective and improving the environmental impact of quality control labs; two direct techniques with less hazardous solvents, less waste production and less energy consumption...

    Authors: Christine Maged El-Maraghy
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2023 17:100

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