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  1. The distribution of drugs could not be controlled in the conventional delivery systems. This has led to the developing of a specific nanoparticle-based delivery system, called smart drug delivery systems. In c...

    Authors: Ehsan Alimohammadi, Reza Maleki, Hossein Akbarialiabad and Mohammad Dahri
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2021 15:11
  2. Amoxicillin (AMX), which is one of the β-lactam antibiotics used in the treatment of bacterial infections, is known to have a serious mechanism of resistance necessitating continuous monitoring of its level in...

    Authors: Adane Kassa and Meareg Amare
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2021 15:10
  3. This work presents an investigation on the composition and structure of polysaccharides from the roots of Tetrastigma hemsleyanum (THP) and its associated antioxidant activity. It further explores the protective ...

    Authors: Qi Huang, Wen He, Ilkhomjon Khudoyberdiev and Chun-Lin Ye
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2021 15:9
  4. The global pandemic of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) caused by SARS-CoV-2 (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2) created a rush to discover drug candidates. Despite the efforts, so far no vaccine o...

    Authors: Marcos V. S. Santana and Floriano P. Silva-Jr
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2021 15:8
  5. Many natural compounds have been identified and synthesized by the advancement of bryophytes phytochemistry studies. This work aimed to report the composition of Neckeropsis undulata (Hedw.) Reichardt moss volati...

    Authors: Thyago G. Miranda, Raynon Joel M. Alves, Ronilson F. de Souza, José Guilherme S. Maia, Pablo Luis B. Figueiredo and Ana Cláudia C. Tavares-Martins
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2021 15:7
  6. Nano-eggshell/Ti(IV) as a novel naturally based catalyst was prepared, characterized and applied for the synthesis of dihydropyrano[2,3-c]pyrazole derivatives. The characterization of nano-eggshell/Ti(IV) was per...

    Authors: Arefeh Dehghani Tafti, Bi Bi Fatemeh Mirjalili, Abdolhamid Bamoniri and Naeimeh Salehi
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2021 15:6
  7. Triazole is an important heterocyclic moiety that occupies a unique position in heterocyclic chemistry, due to its large number of biological activities. It exists in two isomeric forms i.e. 1,2,4-triazole and...

    Authors: Mukesh Kumari, Sumit Tahlan, Balasubramanian Narasimhan, Kalavathy Ramasamy, Siong Meng Lim, Syed Adnan Ali Shah, Vasudevan Mani and Saloni Kakkar
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2021 15:5
  8. Salvia macrosiphon Boiss. is an aromatic perennial herb belonging to the family Lamiaceae. Phytochemical studies and biological activities of this plant have been rarely documented in the literature. The current...

    Authors: Majid Balaei-Kahnamoei, Mahdieh Eftekhari, Mohammad Reza Shams Ardekani, Tahmineh Akbarzadeh, Mina Saeedi, Hossein Jamalifar, Maliheh Safavi, Sohrab Sam, Naghmeh Zhalehjoo and Mahnaz Khanavi
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2021 15:4
  9. The aggressive search for renewable energy resources and essential pyrosynthetic compounds has marked an exponential rise in the thermal degradation of biomass materials. Consequently, clean and sustainable tr...

    Authors: Samuel K. Kirkok, Joshua K. Kibet, Thomas Kinyanjui, Francis I. Okanga and Vincent O. Nyamori
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2021 15:3
  10. Salting-out induced liquid–liquid microextraction method has been developed for plasma sample treatment before determination of alogliptin by high performance liquid chromatography with UV detection. Several p...

    Authors: Sherin F. Hammad, Inas A. Abdallah, Alaa Bedair and Fotouh R. Mansour
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2021 15:2
  11. Brown seaweed polysaccharides (BSPs) are one of the primary active components from brown seaweed that has a range of pharmaceutical and biomedical applications. However, the quality control of BSPs is a challe...

    Authors: Shengqin Chen, Malairaj Sathuvan, Xiao Zhang, Wancong Zhang, Shijie Tang, Yang Liu and Kit-Leong Cheong
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2021 15:1
  12. Natural deep eutectic solvents (NADES) are a new alternative to toxic organic solvents. Their constituents are primary metabolites, non-toxic, biocompatible and sustainable. In this study four selected NADES w...

    Authors: Tsvetinka Grozdanova, Boryana Trusheva, Kalina Alipieva, Milena Popova, Lyudmila Dimitrova, Hristo Najdenski, Maya M. Zaharieva, Yana Ilieva, Bela Vasileva, George Miloshev, Milena Georgieva and Vassya Bankova
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2020 14:73
  13. Chromium is an extremely toxic metal in the form of Cr(VI) that causes severe environmental and health problems. Therefore, the aim of this study was to remove chromium ions from wastewater by using cost effe...

    Authors: Tolera Seda Badessa, Esayas Wakuma and Ali Mohammed Yimer
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2020 14:71
  14. Plant diseases seriously threaten food security, it is urgent to discover efficient and low-risk chemical pesticides. 1,2,4-Oxadiazole derivatives exhibit broad spectrum of agricultural biological activities. ...

    Authors: Lingzhi Zhu, Huanan Zeng, Dan Liu, Yun Fu, Qiong Wu, Baoan Song and Xiuhai Gan
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2020 14:68
  15. Although a vast number of Aloe species are known, only the Aloe vera and Aloe arborescens species are currently used by cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Therefore, the current study aims to complete the ex...

    Authors: Bunea Andrea, Rugină Dumitrița, Copaciu Florina, Dulf Francisc, Veres Anastasia, Sonia Socaci and Pintea Adela
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2020 14:67
  16. A binary direct Z-scheme LaNiO3/g-C3N4 nanocomposite photocatalyst consisted with LaNiO3 nanoparticles and g-C3N4 nanosheets was successfully synthesized by means of mechanical mixing and solvothermal methods in ...

    Authors: Changyu Ye, Rui Wang, Haoyu Wang and Fubin Jiang
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2020 14:65
  17. To discover multifunctional agents for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease (AD), a new series of 1,2,3-triazole-chromenone derivatives were designed and synthesized based on the multi target-directed ligands ...

    Authors: Hajar Karimi Askarani, Aida Iraji, Arezoo Rastegari, Syed Nasir Abbas Bukhari, Omidreza Firuzi, Tahmineh Akbarzadeh and Mina Saeedi
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2020 14:64
  18. Polylactic acid (PLA) is a thermoplastic and biodegradable polyester, largely derived from renewable resources such as corn starch, cassava starch and sugarcane. However, PLA is only soluble in a narrow range ...

    Authors: H. Y. Chi, Vincent Chan, Chuan Li, J. H. Hsieh, P. H. Lin, Ya-Hui Tsai and Yun Chen
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2020 14:63
  19. The presence of emerging contaminants such as pharmaceutical and personal care products in many aqueous matrices have been reported. One of such matrix is streams of wastewater, including wastewater treatment ...

    Authors: Adewumi Olufemi Oluwole, Elizabeth Oyinkansola Omotola and Olatunde Stephen Olatunji
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2020 14:62
  20. Naturally occurring phyllosilicate minerals such as talc and vermiculite in conjunction with n-tetra butyl ammonium bromide (TBAB) co-catalyst were found to be efficient in the coupling of CO2 with epoxides to fo...

    Authors: Fiona Nakibuule, Steven Allan Nyanzi, Igor Oshchapovsky, Ola F. Wendt and Emmanuel Tebandeke
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2020 14:61
  21. This paper introduces the first electrochemical approach for the determination of Fexofenadine hydrochloride and Montelukast sodium as a combined form by constructing three new graphite electrodes coated with ...

    Authors: Dania Nashed, Imad Noureldin and Amir Alhaj Sakur
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2020 14:60
  22. In this study, the effect of the argon, nitrogen, and hydrogen gases on the final properties of the reduced graphene oxide- hydroxyapatite nanocomposites synthesized by gas injected hydrothermal method was inv...

    Authors: Hassan Nosrati, Rasoul Sarraf-Mamoory, Arman Karimi Behnagh, Reza Zolfaghari Emameh, Amir Aidun, Dang Quang Svend Le, Maria Canillas Perez and Cody Eric Bünger
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2020 14:59
  23. Brazilian biodiversity and favourable environmental conditions open up possibilities not yet explored, showing potential to shift the country’s monochromatic economy into an emancipated, diversified and sustai...

    Authors: Danielle da Silva Francischini, Ana Paula Lopes, Mateus Lodi Segatto, Aylon Matheus Stahl and Vânia Gomes Zuin
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2020 14:56
  24. In the case of Tenebrionidae family insects, studies focus on larval stage, leaving a lack of information regarding other stages. Therefore, this study was performed in order to understand the differences betw...

    Authors: Daniel R. Flores, Luz E. Casados, Sandra F. Velasco, Ana C. Ramírez and Gilberto Velázquez
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2020 14:55
  25. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are among the most used drugs. They are competitive inhibitors of cyclooxygenase (COX). Twelve novel compounds (aryl acetate and aryl acetic acid groups) were synthesized ...

    Authors: Mohammed Hawash, Nidal Jaradat, Saba Hameedi and Ahmed Mousa
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2020 14:54
  26. The present study aims to determine the carcinogenic and neurotoxic risks associated with acrylamide intake from cereal products. Analysis on a UPLC–MS/MS spectrometer revealed that oat-based and mixed cereals...

    Authors: Areej Merhi, Ghada El-Zakhem Naous, Ralph Daher, Martine Abboud, Mohamad Mroueh and Robin I. Taleb
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2020 14:53
  27. A series of 2-chloro-5-[(4-chlorophenyl)sulfamoyl]-N-(alkyl/aryl)-4-nitrobenzamide derivatives (5a5v) has been synthesized and confirmed by physicochemical(Rf, melting point) and spectral means (IR, 1HNMR, 13CNM...

    Authors: Samridhi Thakral, Rakesh Narang, Manoj Kumar and Vikramjeet Singh
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2020 14:49
  28. Based on solutions of the Ornstein–Zernike equation (OZE) of Lennard–Jones potential for mean spherical approximation (MSA), we derive analytical formula for the compressibility assuming that the system is of ...

    Authors: Marwan Al-Raeei and Moustafa Sayem El-Daher
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2020 14:47
  29. The objectives of this study were to analyze and compare the proteomic and peptide profiles of mung bean (Vigna radiata) seeds and sprouts. Label-free proteomics and peptidomics technologies allowed the identific...

    Authors: Wei Yu, Guifang Zhang, Weihao Wang, Caixia Jiang and Longkui Cao
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2020 14:46
  30. The tri-component synthesis of novel chiral benzimidazole Mannich bases, by reaction between benzimidazole, aqueous 30% formaldehyde and an amine, the biological evaluation and DFT studies of the new compounds...

    Authors: Maria Marinescu, Ludmila Otilia Cinteză, George Iuliu Marton, Mariana-Carmen Chifiriuc, Marcela Popa, Ioana Stănculescu, Christina-Marie Zălaru and Cristina-Elena Stavarache
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2020 14:45
  31. In this study, 5-amino-nicotinic acid derivatives (113) have been designed and synthesized to evaluate their inhibitory potential against α-amylase and α-glucosidase enzymes. The synthesized compounds (113) exh...

    Authors: Muhammad Nawaz, Muhammad Taha, Faiza Qureshi, Nisar Ullah, Manikandan Selvaraj, Sumaira Shahzad, Sridevi Chigurupati, Abdul Waheed and Fadiah Ammar Almutairi
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2020 14:43
  32. Thiazoles, thiazolidinones and azetidinones are highly ranked amongst natural and synthetic heterocyclic derivatives due to their great pharmaceutical potential.

    Authors: Essam M. Hussein, Reem I. Alsantali, Moataz Morad, Rami J. Obaid, Hatem M. Altass, Ali Sayqal, Mohamed A. S. Abourehab, Amal A. Elkhawaga, Ahmed S. M. Aboraia and Saleh A. Ahmed
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2020 14:42
  33. Preservatives have to be added in food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics products to maintain their shelf life. However, the existing chemical based preservatives have been associated with severe side effects tha...

    Authors: Amit Lather, Sunil Sharma and Anurag Khatkar
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2020 14:41
  34. A new series of pyrazole, bipyridine, N-amide derivatives and Schiff bases was synthesized using compound 2-(3-cyano-6- (thiophen-2-yl)-4,4′- bipyridin-2-yloxy) acetohydrazide (3) as a starting material. The comp...

    Authors: Hossa F. Al Shareef
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2020 14:40
  35. Recently, we demonstrated that the consumption of a bolus of bilberry extract modulates the transcription of Nrf2-regulated genes in peripheral blood lymphocytes (PBL) of healthy volunteers, accompanied by dec...

    Authors: Isabel Anna Maria Groh, Tamara Bakuradze, Gudrun Pahlke, Elke Richling and Doris Marko
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2020 14:39
  36. A new series of indole-based-sulfonamide derivatives (A1A8) was synthesized by treating 5-fluoro-1H-indole-3-carbohydrazide with different aryl-sulfonyl chloride in the presence of pyridine. All synthesized deri...

    Authors: Mohamed Ibrahim, Muhammed Taha, Noor B. Almandil, Abdel-Nasser Kawde and Muhammad Nawaz
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2020 14:38
  37. The fatty acids of green coffee beans are one of the major components that determine the quality of coffee. Fatty acids composition of green coffee beans is affected by soil composition and altitude of coffee ...

    Authors: Girmay Tsegay, Mesfin Redi-Abshiro, Bhagwan Singh Chandravanshi, Estifanos Ele, Ahmed M. Mohammed and Hassen Mamo
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2020 14:36

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