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  1. A novel series of thiazolidine-2,4-dione molecules was derived and their chemical structures were established using physiochemical parameters and spectral techniques (1H-NMR, IR, MS etc.). The synthesized molecul...

    Authors: Harsh Kumar, Davinder Kumar, Pradeep Kumar, Suresh Thareja, Minakshi Gupta Marwaha, Umashanker Navik and Rakesh Kumar Marwaha
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:68
  2. In this study, the novel adsorbent diaminoguanidine-modified cellulose (DiGu.MC) was synthesized to extract mercury, copper, lead and cadmium ions from aqueous solutions and environmental water samples. The sy...

    Authors: Magda A. Akl, Mohammed A. Hashem, Mohammed A. Ismail and Dina A. Abdelgalil
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:65
  3. Recently, an interest has surged in utilizing indigenous medicinal plants to treat infectious illnesses and extract bioactive substances, highlighting the need to analyze medicinal plants for phytochemicals an...

    Authors: Ansar Mehmood, Sonia Javid, Muhammad Faraz Khan, Khawaja Shafique Ahmad and Amna Mustafa
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:64
  4. Fexofenadine hydrochloride and pseudoephedrine hydrochloride are prescribed in a combined dosage form for the treatment of allergic rhinitis. In the present work, a sensitive synchronous fluorescence spectrosc...

    Authors: Sherif Ramzy, Ahmed H. Abdelazim and Mohamed A. Hasan
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:62
  5. Aurora-A kinase is associated with the Aurora kinase family which has been considered a striking anticancer target for the treatment of human cancers.

    Authors: Meenu Beniwal, Neelam Jain, Sandeep Jain and Navidha Aggarwal
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:61
  6. Several quantitative analytical methods were used to estimate aspirin and omeprazole in recently FDA-approved tablets. The first derivative of the ratio spectra was used to resolve the recorded overlapping spe...

    Authors: Ahmed H. Abdelazim and Sherif Ramzy
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:60
  7. Development of ultra-fine fiber technology and nano-sized materials are widely taking place to enhance the characteristic of different materials. In our study, a newly developed technique was used to produce i...

    Authors: Ahmed K. Hussein, Ahmed Elbeih, Mohamed Mokhtar and Mahmoud Abdelhafiz
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:59
  8. Elagolix (ELX) is an orally administered non-peptidic GnRH antagonist that has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2018 for the treatment of endometriosis pain. A sensitive and selective metho...

    Authors: Baher I. Salman, Ahmed I. Hassan, Yasser F. Hassan and Roshdy E. Saraya
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:58
  9. A novel series of diphenylquinoxaline-6-carbohydrazide hybrids 7a–o were rationally designed and synthesized as anti-diabetic agents. All synthesized compounds 7a–o were screened as possible α-glucosidase inhibit...

    Authors: Keyvan Pedrood, Zahra Rezaei, Kimia Khavaninzadeh, Bagher Larijani, Aida Iraji, Samanesadat Hosseini, Somayeh Mojtabavi, Mehdi Dianatpour, Hossein Rastegar, Mohammad Ali Faramarzi, Haleh Hamedifar, Mir Hamed Hajimiri and Mohammad Mahdavi
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:57
  10. Lake Tana is the largest freshwater body in Ethiopia. Currently, the lake has been facing alarming environmental degradation and loss of biodiversity due to the invasion of water hyacinth. Although the weed is...

    Authors: Dessie Tibebe, Kehali Jembere, Addisu Kidie, Marelign Adugna, Teferi Alem and Gizachew Teshome
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:56
  11. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is an indispensable technique for the structure elucidation of molecules and determination of their characteristic interactions. Residual Dipolar Coupling (RDC) is...

    Authors: Ali Yassin, Bilal Nehmeh, Sally El Kantar, Yara Al Kazzaz and Elias Akoury
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:54
  12. The simple and greener one-pot approach for the synthesis of biscoumarin derivatives using catalytic amounts of nano-MoO3 catalyst under mortar-pestle grinding was described. The use of non-toxic and mild catalys...

    Authors: Elham Zarenezhad, Mohammad Nazari Montazer, Masoumeh Tabatabaee, Cambyz Irajie and Aida Iraji
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:53
  13. A novel Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) and poly (4-vinylpyridine) (P4VP) hydrogel system is synthesized with different ratios, in the presence of cross-linker N, N,- methylene bis-acrylamide (MBA). The hydrogel is...

    Authors: Riham R. Mohamed, Marie E. Fahim and Soliman M. A. Soliman
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:52
  14. Phosphogypsum (PG) is the main by-product of phosphoric acid, which is produced by the sulfuric acid attack of phosphate rocks, wet process. This by-product, which contains around 2.0% phosphoric acid, is used...

    Authors: M. S. Gasser, Z. H. Ismail, E. M. Abu Elgoud, F. Abdel Hai, I. O. Ali and H. F. Aly
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:51
  15. N-acylhydrazones are considered privileged structures in medicinal chemistry, being part of antimicrobial compounds (for example). In this study we show the activity of N-acylhydrazone compounds, namely AH1, AH2,...

    Authors: Fernanda A. Oliveira, Ana Claudia S. Pinto, Caique L. Duarte, Alex G. Taranto, Eder Lorenzato Junior, Cleydson Finotti Cordeiro, Diogo T. Carvalho, Fernando P. Varotti and Amanda L. Fonseca
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:50
  16. Small molecules are rising as a new generation of immune checkpoints’ inhibitors, with compounds targeting the human Programmed death-ligand 1 (hPD-L1) protein are pioneering this area of research. Promising e...

    Authors: Marawan Ahmed, Aravindhan Ganesan and Khaled Barakat
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:49
  17. Cancer is one of the most dangerous and widespread diseases in the world today and it has risen to the position of the leading cause of death around the globe in the last few decades. Due to the inherent resis...

    Authors: Mohammed Hawash, Nidal Jaradat, Ahmad M. Eid, Ahmad Abubaker, Ola Mufleh, Qusay Al-Hroub and Shorooq Sobuh
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:47
  18. The magnetic nano-catalysts improve the contact between substrates and catalyst considerably and simple isolation of catalyst from reaction mixture. In this study, Fe3O4@nano-almondshell@OSi(CH2)3/2-(1-piperaziny...

    Authors: Dina Mallah and Bi Bi Fatemeh Mirjalili
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:45
  19. A series of 2-aryl/alkyl-2,3-dihydro-1H-naphtho[1,2-e][1,3]oxazines (S1–S11) were synthesized with an eco-friendly and recoverable nanocatalyst (GO-Fe3O4–Ti(IV)) as an efficient magnetic composite. The new nanoca...

    Authors: Soghra Khabnadideh, Aida solhjoo, Reza Heidari, Leila Amiri Zirtol, Amirhossein Sakhteman, Zahra Rezaei, Elaheh Babaei, Samaneh Rahimi and Leila Emami
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:44
  20. Cellulose polymers with multidentate chelating functionalities that have high efficiency for toxic metal ions present in water were designed, synthesized, and analyzed. The synthesis was carried out by reactin...

    Authors: Noor Nairat, Othman Hamed, Avni Berisha, Shehdeh Jodeh, Manuel Algarra, Khalil Azzaoui, Omar Dagdag and Subhi Samhan
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:43
  21. In this investigation, the azo dyes; 2-(3′-phenyl-5′-pyrazolyl azo) schaffer acid (la) and 2-(3′-phenyl-5′-pyrazolyl azo) resorcinol (Ib); were prepared through diazotizing 3-phenyl-5-aminopyrazole (PAP) and c...

    Authors: Fathy A. El-Seify, Hassan A. Azab, Fikrea S. Degedy, Khalid A. Abdel-Mageed and Farid I. El-Dossoki
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:40
  22. Antibiotic resistance is a global problem. This is the reason why scientists search for alternative treatments. In this regard, seven novel silver chromite nanocomposites were synthesized and assayed to evalua...

    Authors: Mohsen A. Sayed, Tahany M. A. Abd El-Rahman, H. K. Abdelsalam, Ahmed M. Ali, Mayar M. Hamdy, Yara A. Badr, Nada H. Abd El- Rahman, Sabah M. Abd El-Latif, Sara H. Mostafa, Sondos S. Mohamed, Ziad M. Ali and Asmaa A. H. El-Bassuony
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:39
  23. In this work, we have synthesized twenty five new 2-(5-(5-nitrofuran-2-yl)-1,3,4-thiadiazol-2-ylimino)thiazolidin-4-one derivatives bearing an aryl or heteroaryl methylene group on position 5 of thiazolidinone...

    Authors: Arash Tabei, Ramona Ejtemaei, Arash Mahboubi, Parastoo Saniee, Alireza Foroumadi, Alireza Dehdari and Ali Almasirad
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:38
  24. In this research, the possibility of using hydrogenated Dowex 50WX8 resin for the recovery and separation of Pr(III), Dy(III) and Y(III) from aqueous nitrate solutions were carried out. Dowex 50WX8 adsorbent w...

    Authors: B. A. Masry, E. M. Abu Elgoud and S. E. Rizk
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:37
  25. Malaria remains the major health problem responsible for many mortality and morbidity in developing countries. Because of the development of resistance by Plasmodium species, searching effective antimalarial agen...

    Authors: Yadessa Melaku, Melat Solomon, Rajalakshmanan Eswaramoorthy, Uwe Beifuss, Vladimir Ondrus and Yalemtsehay Mekonnen
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:36
  26. Cancer is the most cause of morbidity and mortality, and a major public health problem worldwide. In this context, two series of quinazolinone 5a–e and dihydroquinazolinone 10a–f compounds were designed, synth...

    Authors: Fahimeh Taayoshi, Aida Iraji, Ali Moazzam, Meysam Soleimani, Mehdi Asadi, Keyvan Pedrood, Mosayeb Akbari, Hafezeh Salehabadi, Bagher Larijani, Neda Adibpour and Mohammad Mahdavi
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:35
  27. A vortex-assisted dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction (DLLME) method, mated to chemometrics and combined with HPLC/UV detection was optimized and validated for enrichment and determination of repaglinide ...

    Authors: Amira H. Kamal, Mohamed A. Hammad, Reham E. Kannouma and Fotouh R. Mansour
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:33
  28. The Pharmacy Service of the Infanta Leonor University Hospital acquires, compounds, distributes and dispenses more than 3000 L of methadone oral solution to Drug Addiction Patients Centers per year. Our purpos...

    Authors: Elena Alba Álvaro-Alonso, Mª Paz Lorenzo, Ismael Escobar-Rodríguez and Antonio Aguilar-Ros
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:32
  29. Plants are good sources of various bioactive substances and have significant importance for the discovery of new drugs. In this study, Croton macrostachyus plant roots from six different sites in the Central Gond...

    Authors: Dessie T. Ayele, M. L. Akele and A. T. Melese
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:30
  30. 4-Methylimidazole (4-MeI) or 4-methyl-1H-imidazole, a slightly yellowish solid with molecular formula C4H6N2, is a heterocyclic compound which supposedly does not exist as a natural product and is formed when car...

    Authors: Mahdiye Rafiei jam, Azizollah Nezhadali and Massoud Kaykhaii
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:29
  31. A new, simple and selective HPLC method was implemented for the simultaneous estimation of tafluprost (TFL) and timolol (TIM) in their new anti-glaucoma combination in the challengeable ratio of 3 and 1000 for...

    Authors: Walaa Nabil Abd-AlGhafar, Fatma Ahmed Aly, Zeinab Awad Sheribah and Samar Saad
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:28
  32. A zirconium-based metal-organic framework (Zr-MOF), named MOF-808, was synthesized and fully characterized by solvo-thermal method and functionalized by isonicotinic acid and employed as an efficient adsorbent...

    Authors: Marzieh Sharifi-Rad, Massoud Kaykhaii, Mostafa Khajeh and Alireza Oveisi
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:27
  33. It is critical to take safety action if carcinogenic heavy metals and ammonia can be detected quickly, cheaply, and selectively in an environmental sample. As a result, compound 4a [4-(1-(2-(2,4-Dinitrophenyl)...

    Authors: Hanan A. Mohamed, Bakr F. Abdel-Wahab, Mahmoud N. M. Yousif and Reda M. Abdelhameed
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:26
  34. The present study introduces a high-efficiency nanocomposite material featuring a zinc-based metal–organic framework and a novel porous activated carbon derived from bread waste. The prepared nanocomposite, na...

    Authors: Yalda Pasandideh and Habib Razmi
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:25
  35. Impurity profiling of a pharmaceutical compound is now taking great attention during quality assessment of pharmaceuticals, as presence of small amount of impurities may affect safety and efficacy. In this wor...

    Authors: Khadiga M. Kelani, Maha A. Hegazy, Amal M. Hassan and Mahmoud A. Tantawy
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:24
  36. In this study Cu-chitosan nanoparticles (Cu-CNP) have been employed as eco-friendly and safer priming agents to induce salt and PEG-induced hyperosmotic stress tolerance in wheat seedlings. Seed priming is a f...

    Authors: Tahir Farooq, Zaib Un Nisa, Amjad Hameed, Toheed Ahmed and Arruje Hameed
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:23
  37. Anthranilic acid is an active compound with diverse biological activities such as anti-inflammatory, antineoplastic, anti-malarial and α-glucosidase inhibitory properties. It can also chelate transition metals...

    Authors: Muhammad Nawaz, Muhammad Waseem Abbasi, Marium Tariq, John Patrick Graham, Abdul-Rahman Saleh Al-Hagri, Ahmed Awad Elkarim, Muayad Elsiddig Mohamed, Veeranoot Nissapatorn, Muhammad Taha and Soleiman Hisaindee
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:21
  38. Prunella vulgaris is medicinally important plant containing high-valued chemical metabolites like Prunellin which belong to family Lamiaceae and it is also known as self-heal. In this research, calli culture were...

    Authors: Nisar Ahmad, Jan Muhammad, Khalil Khan, Wajid Ali, Hina Fazal, Mohammad Ali, Latif-ur Rahman, Hayat Khan, Muhammad Nazir Uddin, Bilal Haider Abbasi and Christophe Hano
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:20
  39. Type III beta phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase (PI4KIIIβ) is the only clinically validated drug target in Plasmodium kinases and therefore a critical target in developing novel drugs for malaria. Current PI4KIIIβ in...

    Authors: Akachukwu Ibezim, Mbanefo S. Madukaife, Sochi C. Osigwe, Nadja Engel, Ramanathan Karuppasamy and Fidele Ntie-Kang
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:19
  40. The ethyl 2-[2-(2-nitrobenzylidene)hydrazinyl]thiazole-4-carboxylate (1), a thiazole ester, was synthesized by refluxing 1-(2-nitrobenzylidene)thiosemicarbazide and ethyl bromopyruvate. The compound is characteri...

    Authors: Muhammad Haroon, Tashfeen Akhtar, Muhammad Yousuf, Muhammad Nawaz Tahir, Lubna Rasheed, Syeda Saniya Zahra, Ihsan ul Haq and Muhammad Ashfaq
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2022 16:18

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