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  1. We report the synthesis of sulfonated copolyaniline/polysafranin/L-ascorbic acid/Ag@SiO2 fine powdered nanocomposites and investigate the influence of incorporating the dye on their conductivity. The composite wa...

    Authors: Hammed H. A. M. Hassan, Marwa Abdel Fattah and Fatma Abdel Maged
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:79
  2. In this study, novel nanomagnetic catalysts, namely Fe2O3-MgO@choline formate (Ch. F.) and Fe2O3-MgO@choline cyanide (Ch. CN), were synthesized through immobilizing choline-based ion liquids to magnetic support v...

    Authors: Ehsan Kamali, Fahim Dreekvandy, Abolfazl Mohammadkhani and Akbar Heydari
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:78
  3. Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (particularly resistant to pyrazinoic acid) is a life-threatening chronic pulmonary disease. Running a marketed regime specifically targets the ribosomal protein subunit-1 (Rps...

    Authors: Bader S. Alotaibi
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:77
  4. Nod-like receptor protein 3 (NLRP-3), is an intracellular sensor that is involved in inflammasome activation, and the aberrant expression of NLRP3 is responsible for diabetes mellitus, its complications, and m...

    Authors: Chandni Hayat, Vetriselvan Subramaniyan, Mubarak A. Alamri, Ling Shing Wong, Asaad Khalid, Ashraf N. Abdalla, Sahib Gul Afridi, Vinoth Kumarasamy and Abdul Wadood
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:76
  5. Two new Cobalt(II) complexes 12 and 13 have been synthesized from 2-[(E)-(3-acetyl-4-hydroxyphenyl)diazenyl]-4-(2-hydroxyphenyl)thiophene-3-carboxylic acid (11) as a novel ligand. These three new compounds were c...

    Authors: Emmanuel Sopbué Fondjo, Sorelle Songmi Feuze, Jean-de-Dieu Tamokou, Apollinaire Tsopmo, Giscard Doungmo, Peter Simon Friedrich Wilhelm, Donald Léonel Feugap Tsamo, Bruno Lenta Ndjakou and Jules Roger Kuiate
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:75
  6. This study presents a stability indicating high-performance liquid chromatography HPLC method for the determination of cenobamate (CNB) in presence of its main impurity (CNB H-impurity) and degradation product...

    Authors: Samah F. EL-Malla, Fotouh R. Mansour, Almoataz Bellah B. Elbastawissy and Samar H. Elagamy
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:74
  7. Cyclin-dependent kinase 8 (CDK8) has emerged as a promising target for inhibiting cancer cell function, intensifying efforts towards the development of CDK8 inhibitors as potential cancer therapeutics. Mutatio...

    Authors: Raziye Aghahasani, Fereshteh Shiri, Hossein Kamaladiny, Fatemeh Haddadi and Somayeh Pirhadi
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:73
  8. Toluene, a prominent member of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), exerts a substantial adverse influence on both human life and the environment. In the context of advanced oxidation processes, the ·OH radical ...

    Authors: Yumin Mao, Lijuan Yang, Siqi Liu, Yunchang Song, Mengchao Luo and Yongxue Guo
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:72
  9. Bio-based coating materials have received increased attention because of their low-cost, environmentally friendly, and sustainable properties. In this paper, a novel coating material was developed to coat urea...

    Authors: Yanle Guo, Fengyuan Zhuang, Qunxiang Cui, Shugang Zhang, Zhenping Hao, Yiyun Shi, Hao Lu and Xiaoqing Shi
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:71
  10. In this article, we present the design and synthesis of amino-7,8-dihydro-4H-chromenone derivatives as possible inhibitors of acetylcholinesterase (AChE) and butyrylcholinesterase (BChE) for the management of ...

    Authors: Ali Asadipour, Yaghoub Pourshojaei, Moein Mansouri, Elham Mahdavizadeh, Cambyz Irajie, Javad Mottaghipisheh, Ehsan Faghih-Mirzaei, Mohammad Mahdavi and Aida Iraji
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:70
  11. The starting compound 3-amino-1,7-dihydro-4H-pyrazolo[4,3-c]pyridine-4,6(5H)-dione (1) is reacted with each of diketone and β-ketoester, forming pyridopyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidines 4a,b and 14a,b, respectively. The ...

    Authors: Nadia Hanafy Metwally, Emad Abdullah Deeb and Ibrahim Walid Hasani
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:68
  12. A novel series of 4-nitrophenylpiperazine derivatives (4am) was designed and synthesized as potential tyrosinase inhibitors. Comprehensive characterization using 1H-NMR, 13C-NMR, CNH, and IR techniques was perfo...

    Authors: Mehdi Asadi, Fahime Fayazi, Aida Iraji, Reyhaneh Sabourian, Homa Azizian, Mannan Hajimahmoodi, Bagher Larijani, Mohammad Mahdavi and Massoud Amanlou
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:67
  13. Therapeutic drug monitoring is an important clinical testing of the drugs to monitor their concentrations in plasma in order to guarantee their optimal impact, and to avoid any side effects resulting from drug...

    Authors: Nada Hesham, Maha A. Hegazy and Hebatallah A. Wagdy
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:66
  14. As pharmaceutical analysis progresses towards environmental sustainability, there is a growing need to enhance the safety and health conditions for analysts. Consequently, the incorporation of chemometrics int...

    Authors: Eman A. Madbouly, Abdalla A. El-Shanawani, Sobhy M. El-adl and Ahmed S. Abdelkhalek
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:65
  15. In pursuit of developing novel cholinesterase (ChE) inhibitors through molecular hybridization theory, a novel series of isoindolin-1,3-dione-based acetohydrazides (compounds 8ah) was designed, synthesized, and ...

    Authors: Ahmad Nazarian, Fahime Abedinifar, Haleh Hamedifar, Mohammad Hashem Hashempur, Mohammad Mahdavi, Nima Sepehri and Aida Iraji
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:64
  16. In this research, a novel magnetic zirconium-based metal-organic framework (Fe3O4@SiO2@MIP-202, MMOF), was fabricated, fully characterized, and applied for the batch-mode solid phase extraction of trace amounts o...

    Authors: Amin Piri, Massoud Kaykhaii, Mostafa Khajeh and Ali Reza Oveisi
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:63
  17. A rapid and efficient analytical method was established to quantify indoxyl sulfate (IS) in plasma through extraction technique with a deep eutectic solvent (DES) and spectrofluorimetric method. DES (choline c...

    Authors: Samira Shafiee, Siavoush Dastmalchi, Afshin Gharekhani and Ali Shayanfar
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:61
  18. Phytochemical investigation of Key lime (Citrus aurantifolia L., F. Rutaceae) peels afforded six metabolites, known as methyl isolimonate acetate (1), limonin (2), luteolin (3), 3ˋ-hydroxygenkwanin (4), myricetin...

    Authors: Abeer H. Elmaidomy, Usama Ramadan Abdelmohsen, Ahmed M. Sayed, Faisal H. Altemani, Naseh A. Algehainy, Denisa Soost, Thomas Paululat, Gerhard Bringmann and Esraa M. Mohamed
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:60
  19. Lung cancer is a disease with a high mortality rate and it is the number one cause of cancer death globally. Approximately 12–14% of non-small cell lung cancers are caused by mutations in KRASG12C. The KRASG12C i...

    Authors: Amar Ajmal, Hind A Alkhatabi, Roaa M. Alreemi, Mubarak A. Alamri, Asaad Khalid, Ashraf N. Abdalla, Bader S. Alotaibi and Abdul Wadood
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:57
  20. Gold and silver nanoparticles have witnessed increased scientific interest due to their colourful colloidal solutions and exceptional applications. Comparing the localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) of g...

    Authors: Khadiga M. Kelani, Maha M. Ibrahim, Nesreen K. Ramadan, Eman S. Elzanfaly and Sherif M. Eid
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:56
  21. Plasmodium falciparum is the most lethal malaria parasite. P. falciparum Hsp70 (PfHsp70) is an essential molecular chaperone (facilitates protein folding) and is deemed a prospective antimalarial drug target. The...

    Authors: Francis Opoku, Penny Govender, Addmore Shonhai and Mthokozisi BC Simelane
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:55
  22. Montelukast sodium (MLK) and Levocetirizine dihydrochloride (LCZ) are widely prescribed medications with promising therapeutic potential against COVID-19. However, existing analytical methods for their quantif...

    Authors: Noha S. Katamesh, Ahmed Emad F. Abbas and Shimaa A. Mahmoud
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:54
  23. This study encompasses a quick, efficient, repeatable and reproducible analytical method for simultaneous determination of Bromoxynil (3, 5-Dibromo-4-hydroxybenzonitrile) and MCPA (2-methyl-4-chlorophenoxyacet...

    Authors: Ahmed Yar, Tariq Mahmood Ansari, Faariah Rehman, Asad Raza, Umair Riaz, Rashid Iqbal, Amal M. Al-Mohaimeed, Wedad A. Al-onazi and Muhammad Rizwan
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:53
  24. Various sets of thiazole, thiophene, and 2-pyridone ring structures containing a dimethylaniline component were synthesized. Substituted thiazoles 23 and thiophenes 57 were produced by reacting thiocarbamoyl co...

    Authors: Heba M. Metwally, Norhan M. Younis, Ehab Abdel-Latif and Ali El-Rayyes
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:52
  25. This work focuses on physicochemical features of the choline chloride/propylene glycol deep eutectic solvent (DES) + water mixtures by determining their density values in mono- and mixed- states over various t...

    Authors: Aynaz Zarghampour, Parisa Jafari, Elaheh Rahimpour and Abolghasem Jouyban
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:51
  26. The cutting-edge combination of fluvoxamine (FVM) and ivermectin (IVM) has been presented as a proposed dosage form for the treatment of COVID-19 infections in early diagnosed patients. The main objective of t...

    Authors: Sara I. Aboras, Ahmed A. Megahed, Fawzy El-Yazbi and Hadir M. Maher
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:50
  27. Pholcodine, an anti-tussive medication widely used as an over-the-counter, OTC drug, has recently faced restrictions in several countries. This paper presents a sensitive electrochemical approach for pholcodin...

    Authors: Nahla A. Abdelshafi, Hany W. Darwish, Ashwag S. Alanazi, Ibrahim A. Naguib, Hadeer H. Elkhouly, Nehal S. Khodary and Ekram H. Mohamed
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:48
  28. In the current study, Azo-Thiohydantoins derivatives were synthesized and characterized by using various spectroscopic techniques including FTIR, 1H-NMR, 13C-NMR, elemental and HRMS analysis. The compounds were e...

    Authors: Hafiz Muhammad Attaullah, Syeda Abida Ejaz, Pervaiz Ali Channar, Aamer Saeed, Rabail Ujan, Seema Zargar, Sajid Ali Channar, Reshma Sahito, Tanveer A. Wani and Qamar Abbas
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:47
  29. Pest disasters which occurs on crops is a serious problem that not only cause crop yield loss or even crop failure but can also spread a number of plant diseases.Sulfonate derivatives have been widely used in ...

    Authors: You-hua Liu, Chang-kun Li, Mao-yu Nie, Fa-li Wang, Xiao-li Ren, Lin-hong Jin and Xia Zhou
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:46
  30. The present study investigates the potential of a new compound containing sulfonamide and 4(3H)-quinazolinone to inhibit the hCA-IIX enzyme using in silico methods. Density functional theory-based calculations...

    Authors: Ahmed M. Alkaoud, Abbas I. Alakhras, Moez A. Ibrahim, S. K. Alghamdi and Rageh K. Hussein
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:45
  31. A multivariate spectrophotometric method is a potential approach that enables discrimination of spectra of components in complex matrices (e.g., pharmaceutical formulation) serving as a substitution method for...

    Authors: Aya A. Mouhamed, Ahmed H. Nadim, Nadia M. Mostafa and Basma M. Eltanany
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:44
  32. The objective of this research was to prepare some Fe3O4@SiO2@Chitosan (CS) magnetic nanocomposites coupled with nisin, and vancomycin to evaluate their antibacterial efficacy under both in vitro and in vivo agai...

    Authors: Mona Nasaj, Abbas Farmany, Leili Shokoohizadeh, Farid Aziz Jalilian, Reza Mahjoub, Ghodratollah Roshanaei, Alireza Nourian, Omid Heydari Shayesteh and Mohammadreza Arabestani
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:43
  33. A receptor-based pharmacophore model describing the binding features required for the multi-kinase inhibition of the target kinases (VEGFR-2, FGFR-1, and BRAF) were constructed and validated. It showed a good ...

    Authors: Heba T. Abdel-Mohsen, Marwa A. Ibrahim, Amira M. Nageeb and Ahmed M. El Kerdawy
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:42
  34. A novel series of kojic acid fused 2-amino-3-cyano-4H-pyran derivatives were synthesized via a multicomponent reaction involving kojic acid, benzyloxy benzaldehyde, and malonitrile as tyrosinase inhibitors. Su...

    Authors: Zahra Najafi, Maryam Zandi Haramabadi, Gholamabbas Chehardoli, Ahmad Ebadi‬ and Aida Iraji
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:41
  35. Four sensitive and fast analytical approaches relied on ion pairing with eosin Y were built up and evaluated using spectroscopy for determination of Alcaftadine and Olopatadine hydrochloride with high sensitiv...

    Authors: Sayed M. Derayea, Khalid M. Badr El-din, Ahmed S. Ahmed, Ahmed A. Khorshed and Mohamed Oraby
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:40
  36. Anti-cancer peptides (ACPs) are short peptides known for their ability to inhibit tumor cell proliferation, migration, and the formation of tumor blood vessels. In this study, we designed ACPs to target recept...

    Authors: Aisha Naeem, Nighat Noureen, Shaikha Khalid Al-Naemi, Jawaher Ahmed Al-Emadi and Muhammad Jawad Khan
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:39
  37. The α-bromination reaction of carbonyl compounds is a significant topic in the field of organic chemistry. However, due to the lack of suitable brominating reagents, the application of this reaction in undergr...

    Authors: Yongguang Gao, Na Chen, Xiaoye Jiang and Xiaochun Yang
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:38
  38. Broad-spectrum histone deacetylase inhibitors (HDACi) have excellent anti-tumor effects, such as abexinostat, which was a novel oral HDACi that was widely used in clinical treatment. The purpose of this study ...

    Authors: Yige Yu, Jinyu Hu, Xiaohai Chen, Hua-lu Wu, Anzhou Wang and Congrong Tang
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:37
  39. Patients diagnosed with symptomatic peripheral artery disease (PAD) in the lower extremities have a higher likelihood of suffering from major vascular events. Recently, FDA has approved the combination therapy...

    Authors: Heba M. Mohamed and Hebatallah M. Essam
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:36
  40. Nanocomposites incorporating titanium dioxide (TiO2) have a significant potential for various industrial and medical applications. These nanocomposites exhibit selectivity as antimicrobial and anticancer agents. ...

    Authors: Rana R. El Sadda, Mai S. Eissa, Rokaya K. Elafndi, Elhossein A. Moawed, Mohamed M. El-Zahed and Hoda R. Saad
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:35
  41. In this study, we synthesized new 5,6,7,8-tetrahydroisoquinolines and 6,7,8,9-tetrahydrothieno[2,3-c]isoquinolines based on 4-(N,N-dimethylamino)phenyl moiety as expected anticancer and/or antioxidant agents. The...

    Authors: Eman M. Sayed, Etify A. Bakhite, Reda Hassanien, Nasser Farhan, Hanan F. Aly, Salma G. Morsy and Nivin A. Hassan
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:34
  42. Magnetic nanoparticles can be considered a reliable tool for targeted drug delivery to cancer tissues. Based on this, in this study, the anticancer effect of iron oxide nanoparticles coated with glucose and co...

    Authors: Somayeh Mikaeili Ghezeljeh, Ali Salehzadeh and Somayeh Ataei-e Jaliseh
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:33
  43. A novel series of 1-(5-((6-nitroquinazoline-4-yl)thio)-1,3,4-thiadiazol-2-yl)-3-phenylurea derivatives 8 were designed and synthesized to evaluate their cytotoxic potencies. The structures of these obtained compo...

    Authors: Sara Masoudinia, Marjaneh Samadizadeh, Maliheh Safavi, Hamid Reza Bijanzadeh and Alireza Foroumadi
    Citation: BMC Chemistry 2024 18:30

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