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Table 2 Curative effect of the title compounds 5 against CMV in vivo a

From: Inorganic base-catalyzed formation of antivirally active N-substituted benzamides from α-amido sulfones and N-nucleophile

Agent R1 R2 Curative effect (%)
5a m-Cl H 24.2
5b m-Cl o-F 35.1
5c m-Cl p-F 42.2
5d m-Cl o-Cl 30.6
5e m-Cl p-Cl 28.2
5f m-Cl o-OCH3 22.9
5g m-Cl p-CH3 27.5
5h m-Cl o-NO2 32.1
5i m-Cl p-NO2 38.5
5j m-Cl m-NO2 36.0
5k H p-CH3 27.8
5l H p-NO2 35.0
5m H p-F 36.0
5n p-Cl H 26.2
5o p-Cl o-F 48.7
5p p-Cl p-F 35.8
5q p-Cl p-CH3 36.4
5r p-Cl o-OCH3 40.5
5s p-Cl o-Cl 37.9
5t p-Cl p-Cl 30.2
5u p-Cl p-NO2 27.2
Ningnanmycin    53.4
  1. a All antiviral tests were carried out at the concentration of 500 μg/mL.