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Table 1 The summerized data of BET, Langmuir, t and BJH plots

From: Nano-SiO2/DBN: an efficacious and reusable catalyst for one-pot synthesis of tetrahydrobenzo[b]pyran derivatives

BET plot
Vm 49.439 [cm3(STP) g−1]
as,BET 215.18 [m2 g−1]
C 48.241  
Total pore volume (p/p0 = 0.990) 0.4823 [cm3 g−1]
Mean pore diameter 8.966 [nm]
Langmuir plot
Vm 47.372 [cm3(STP) g−1]
as,Lang 206.18 [m2 g−1]
B 1.1678  
t plot
Plot data Adsorption branch  
a1 362.85 [m2 g−1]
V1 0 [cm3 g−1]
a2 19.303 [m2 g−1]
V2 0.3824 [cm3 g−1]
2t 2.2126 [nm]
BJH plot
Plot data Adsorption branch  
Vp 0.504 [cm3 g−1]
rp,peak(Area) 3.1 [nm]
ap 290.06 [m2 g−1]