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Table 1 EC50 values of various sample from Boletus edulis in antioxidant properties

From: Isolation, structure characteristics and antioxidant activity of two water-soluble polysaccharides from Lenzites betulina

Sample EC50 value (mg/mL)
DPPH· scavenging activity ABTS.+ scavenging activity ·OH scavenging activity
LBPs-5 1.66c 1.369c 0.006a
LBPs-6 0.095b 0.031b 0.006a
Vc 0.009a 0.004a 0.010b
  1. EC50 value is half maximal inhibitory concentration. Data were presented as the mean value (n = 3). The superscript letters a, b, and c indicate a significant difference at the 0.05 significance level