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Table 2 Pseudo-first and second order constants for chromium by MSSP and BPP

From: Bio-sorption for effective removal of chromium(VI) from wastewater using Moringa stenopetala seed powder (MSSP) and banana peel powder (BPP)

Metal ion qexp Pseudo first order kinetic model Pseudo second order kinetic model
qcal (mg/g) k1 (min−1) R2 qcal(mg/g) k2 (g/mgmin) R2
Cr-MSSP 1.308 1.449 0.0484 0.939 1.477 0.051 0.998
Cr-BPP 1.4645 0.7870 0.023 0.897 1.631 0.038 0.994