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Table 2 The results of kinetics analysis

From: Preparation of high-capacity magnetic polystyrene sulfonate sodium material based on SI-ATRP method and its adsorption property research for sulfonamide antibiotics

ModelInitial SMR concentration (mmol/L)EquationsK1 (min−1)K2 (g mg−1 min−1)R2Qe,calQe,exp
Pseudo first order kinetic model0.6ln(1 − Qt/Qe) = − 0.7013t + 0.71920.70130.784432.51 mg/g33.53 mg/g
Pseudo second order kinetic model0.6t/Qt = 0.0301t + 10.08660.000090.999833.22 mmol/g33.53 mmol/g