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Table 1 Optimize the three-component reactions condition of benzyl bromide, sodium azide and phenyl acetylene

From: Magnetic γFe2O3@Sh@Cu2O: an efficient solid-phase catalyst for reducing agent and base-free click synthesis of 1,4-disubstituted-1,2,3-triazoles

EntryCatalyst (mg)SolventTemperatureTimeIsolated yield %
1r.t48 h
2H2Or.t48 h
3H2O80 °C48 h
480 °C48 h
55H2O80 °C1 h57
65H2O:EtOH (1:1)80 °C1 h80
75H2O:EtOH (1:2)80 °C1 h70
85H2O:EtOH (2:1)80 °C1 h63
95EtOH80 °C1 h74
105H2O:EtOH (1:1)80 °C45 min83
115H2O:EtOH (1:1)80 °C2 h60
125H2O:EtOH (1:1)r.t10 h80
135H2O:EtOH (1:1)100 °C1:30 h75
1410H2O:EtOH (1:1)60 °C30 min82
1520H2O:EtOH (1:1)60 °C30 min87
1630H2O:EtOH (1:1)60 °C25 min89
1740H2O:EtOH (1:1)60 °C20 min93
1850H2O:EtOH (1:1)60 °C20 min94