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Table 3 Characteristic data of the suggested technique with other methods

From: Application of response surface methodology for optimization of metal–organic framework based pipette-tip solid phase extraction of organic dyes from seawater and their determination with HPLC

Dye Method Detection method LOD (µg/L) Linear range (µg/L) Refs.
Orang G, MO, AR Micro-cloud point Spectrophotometry 0.6–111.0 200–12,000 [8]
MG MIP HPLC 0.17 0–200 [14]
MG, RB and crystal violet Micro-cloud point Spectrophotometry 2.2 60–800 [17]
MG, gentian violet, leucomalachite and leucogentian MIP HPLC 0.11 10–250 [36]
RB, MG, MO, AR MOF-PT-SPE HPLC 0.09–0.38 0.5–200.0 This research