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Fig. 12

From: Highly selective cleavage C–O ether bond of lignin model compounds over Ni/CaO–H-ZSM-5 in ethanol

Fig. 12

a The product distributions for the conversions of 4-phenoxyphenol (4-O-5) over Ni/CaO–H-ZSM-5(60) as a function of time. Reaction conditions: 4-phenoxyphenol (2.5 mmol, 0.465 g), Ni/CaO–H-ZSM-5(60) (0.0775 g), ethanol (30 mL), 140 °C, 1 MPa H2, stirring at 700 rpm. b Two different reaction pathways of 4-phenoxyphenol (4-O-5) conversion over Ni/CaO–H-ZSM-5(60)

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