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Table 3 Palladium-catalyzed one-pot two-step preparation of biaryl compounds

From: Palladium-catalyzed borylation of aryl (pseudo)halides and its applications in biaryl synthesis

  1. Reaction conditions: (a) first halide (1.1 mmol), 10b (2 mol%), B2pin2 (1.2 mmol), K3PO4 (3.0 mmol), THF (4 mL), RT, 2 h; (b) second chloride (1.0 mmol), 3.0 M aq. K3PO4 (3.0 mmol), RT, 6 h
  2. aYield of isolated product
  3. b2 h for the second step
  4. c4 h for the second step
  5. d10 h for the second step