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Fig. 2

From: Temperature dependent control of the solubility of gallium nitride in supercritical ammonia using mixed mineralizer

Fig. 2

Temperature dependence of GaN solubility in supercritical ammonia with different mineralizers (100 MPa, 3.1 ± 0.1% mineralizer): NH4Cl, circle (from previous work [18]); NH4Br, square (from previous work [12]); NH4I, triangle (from previous work [12]); NH4Cl + NH4Br (equal mole ratio), rhombus (present study); NH4Cl + NH4I (equal mole ratio), nabla (present study): a NH4Cl, NH4Br, NH4Cl + NH4Br; b NH4Cl, NH4I, NH4Cl + NH4I

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