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Table 5 Alignment results from the BLAST search

From: An integrated approach towards the development of novel antifungal agents containing thiadiazole: synthesis and a combined similarity search, homology modelling, molecular dynamics and molecular docking study

Query (UniProt ID) Subject (UniProt ID) %Identity Alignment length Mismatches Gaps E-value Score
SRC (P12931) STE/STE11 (A0A0D2XZI2) 28.030 264 161 8 3.14e−23 104
ABL1 (P00519) STE/STE20/YSK (A0A0D2XXP0) 28.571 245 166 6 3.52e−26 115
FAK1 (Q05397) STE/STE20/YSK (A0A0D2XXP0) 28.571 336 193 11 1.81e−28 123