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Fig. 4

From: Aesthetic compatibility assessment of consolidants for wall paintings by means of multivariate analysis of colorimetric data

Fig. 4

Score plot on PC1 of the 240 sample areas. The 8 treatments are represented in different colours: CaLoSiL (C) in red; Ca(OEt)2 + Biotin T (Eb) in light green; Ca(OEt)2 (E) in blue; Ca(OEt)2 + Proxymousse (Ep) in light blue; Ca(OTHF)2 + Biotin T (Hb) in pink; Ca(OTHF)2 (H) in yellow; Ca(OTHF)2 + Proxymousse (Hp) in dark green; Primal E 330 S (P) in dark blue. Meaning of the abbreviations related to painting techniques and pigments is described in a list at the end of the article

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