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Table 1 Identification data and collection site of the specimens of Psidium guineense

From: Chemical variability in the essential oil of leaves of Araçá (Psidium guineense Sw.), with occurrence in the Amazon

Samples Collection site Herbarium Nº Local coordinates
PG-01 Curuçá, PA, Brazil IAN-195396 0°72’65” S/47°84’07” W
PG-02 Curuçá, PA, Brazil IAN-195397 0°43’40” S/47°50’58” W
PG-03 Curuçá, PA, Brazil IAN-195398 0°72’67” S/47°85’13” W
PG-04 Curuçá, PA, Brazil IAN-195399 0°72’57” S/47°84’84” W
PG-05 Curuçá, PA, Brazil IAN-195400 0°72’57” S/47°84’07” W
PG-06 Santarém, PA, Brazil HSTM-3611 2°27’48.7” S/54°44’04” W
PG-07 Monte Alegre, PA, Brazil HSTM-6763 1°57’24.9” S/54°07’07.8” W
PG-08 Monte Alegre, PA, Brazil HSTM-6763 1°57’24.9” S/54°07’07.8” W
PG-09 Santarém, PA, Brazil HSTM-6775 2°25’14.6” S/54°44’25.8” W
PG-10 Santarém, PA, Brazil HSTM-3603 2°25’08.4” S/54°44’28.3” W
PG-11 Santarém, PA, Brazil HSTM-6769 2°29’16.8” S/54°42’07.9” W
PG-12 Ponta de Pedras, PA, Brazil HSTM-6759 2°31’08.3” S/54°52’25.8” W