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Table 1 Characteristics of samples of LDH and hybrid LDH-Alq3 prepared by sol–gel

From: Hydrotalcite-quinolinate composites as catalysts in a coupling reaction

Sample code Mg/Al ratio % of replaced Al(OH)6 units by Al(C9H6NO)3 Chemical formula d003 (Å)
MgAl-CO3 3 0 [Mg0.691Al0.224(OH)2](CO3)0.1120.61H2O 8.7
q10-MgAl-CO3 3 10 [Mg0.718Al0.233(OH)2](CO3)0.107(C9H6NO)0.0210.78H2O 8.5
q30-MgAl-CO3 3 30 [Mg0.721Al0.242(OH)2](CO3)0.091(C9H6NO)0.0650.72H2O 8.4