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Table 1 Statistical tests

From: The effect of small-molecule inhibition of MAPKAPK2 on cell ageing phenotypes of fibroblasts from human Werner syndrome

Treatment NDFsa WSa NDFs / WSb
MK2.III (5μM) p > 0.37 p < 0.05 p < 0.029
SB203580 (2.5μM) p < 0.05 p < 0.036 p < 0.014
  1. a Probability that inhibitor treatment results in no significant extension of replicative capacity for NDFs or WS fibroblasts compared to DMSO-treated cells (paired t-test).
  2. b Probability that the extension of replicative capacity seen for WS cells is not greater than that seen for NDFs for same treatment (unpaired 2-tailed t-test).