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Table 6 Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons reported in STPs and those included in the FDA HPHC established list

From: Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in US and Swedish smokeless tobacco products

  IARC classification1 FDA HPHC established List [3] Current study Stepanov et al. [21] Stepanov et al. [12]
Acenaphthene 3   yes   yes
Acenaphthylene Not listed   yes yes yes
Anthracene 3   yes yes yes
Benz[a]anthracene 2B yes yes   yes
Benz[j]aceanthrylene 2B yes    
Benzo[a]pyrene 1 yes yes yes yes
Benzo[e]pyrene 3   yes   yes
Benzo[b]fluoranthene 2B yes yes yes5 yes2
Benzo[c]phenanthrene 2B yes    
Benzo[j]fluoranthene 2B   yes   yes2
Benzo[k]fluoranthene 2B yes yes yes5 yes
Benzo[ghi]perylene 3   yes   yes
Chrysene 2B   yes   yes
1-methylchrysene 3     yes4
3-methylchrysene 3     yes4
4- & 6-methylchrysene 3     yes4
5-methylchrysene 2B yes    yes3,4
Cyclopenta[c,d]pyrene 2A yes    
Dibenz[a,h]anthracene 2A yes yes   yes
Dibenzo[a,e]pyrene 2B yes    
Dibenzo[a,h]pyrene 2B yes    
Dibenzo[a,i]pyrene 2B yes    
Dibenzo[a,l]pyrene 2A yes    
Fluoranthene 3   yes yes yes
Fluorene 3   yes   yes
Indeno[1,2,3-cd]pyrene 2B yes yes   yes
Naphthalene 2B yes yes   yes
1-methylnaphthalene Not listed   yes   
2-methylnaphthalene Not listed   yes   
Perylene 3   yes   
Phenanthrene 3   yes yes yes
Pyrene 3   yes yes yes
  1. 1IARC class key: Group 1: Carcinogenic to humans, Group 2A: Probably carcinogenic to humans, Group 2B: Possibly carcinogenic to humans, Group 3: Not classifiable as to carcinogenicity to humans.
  2. 2Benzo[b]fluoranthene and benzo[j]fluoranthene were not separated.
  3. 35-methyl chrysene was not detected in any of the samples.
  4. 4methylchrysenes reported as “total methylchrysenes”.
  5. 5Benzo[b]fluoranthene and benzo[k]fluoranthene were not separated.