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Table 3 Sampling sites of the environmental matrices (soil, nettle leaves, snail body)

From: Bioaccumulative and conchological assessment of heavy metal transfer in a soil-plant-snail food chain

Sampling site Geographical coordinates
  Location/county (latitude/longitude)
THM1 Timisoara city Landfill 45.6765° lat. N; 21.1626° long. E
(Parta-Sag/Timis county)
THM2 South Industrial Platform 45.7112° lat. N; 21.1968° long. E
(Timisoara/Timis county)
THM3 North Industrial Platform 45.7420° lat. N; 21.1886° long. E
(Timisoara/Timis county)
THM4 East Industrial Platform 45.7763° lat. N; 21.2517° long. E
(Timisoara/Timis county)
THM5 Timisoara, Communal Road 64 (DC64) 45.7787° lat. N; 21.2762° long. E
(Timisoara/Timis county)
THM6 National Road Resita-Caransebes (DN58) 45.3496° lat. N; 21.9196° long. E
(Caras-Severin county)
THM7 Principal Street 45.5053 lat. N; 22.3371 long. E
(Otelu Rosu/Caras-Severin county)
THR Salbagelu Nou 45.5667° lat. N ; 22.0812° long. E
  (Caras-Severin county)