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Table 7 Facilitating the use of QSAR methods

From: Use and perceived benefits and barriers of QSAR models for REACH: findings from a questionnaire to stakeholders

What would help you to use QSAR / in silico methods?




Seeing good examples of industry using in silico methods successfully (in documentary video, industry events, online reports and trade magazines).

Lists and reviews of the available models, with information on where to access them.

Examples from the regulators about acceptance of / enthusiasm for in silico methods

Seeing more peer-reviewed journal articles about the practical applications of in silico methods, illustrated by case studies.

Clear guidelines for reporting toxicity results from in silico methods (maybe as an automatic report generator within the software that matches the submission format).

Clear standardisation of the ways in which individual QSAR models and their appropriate uses are described, and their applicability domains are defined.

Support and guidance from laboratories with expertise in the uses of QSARs.

Examples of the reasoning and transparent documentation required for submissions.