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Table 1 The effects of 1 percent (wv-1) disaccharides and PEG-6000 on the activity (initial rates) of α-chymotrypsin precipitated by n-propanol.

From: Optimising biocatalyst design for obtaining high transesterification activity by α-chymotrypsin in non-aqueous media

Disaccharide Initial rate (nmoles mg-1min-1.)
None 16.6
Trehalose 33.5
Trehalose + PEG-6000(1 percent wv-1) 38.1
Sucrose 26.0
Lactose 33.7
PEG-6000 (1 percent wv-1) 19.6
  1. Initial rates were calculated from aliquots taken over 10 to 60 min. The percentage conversions during these time periods were 1–30 percent and in a linear range.