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  1. Due to the extensive use of phosphates in industry, agriculture and households, the phosphate - γ-alumina interactions are important for understanding its detrimental contribution to eutrophication in lakes an...

    Authors: Ting-Ting Zheng, Zhong-Xi Sun, Xiao-Fang Yang and Allan Holmgren
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2012 6:26
  2. Alendronate (ALD) is a member of the bisphosphonate family which is used for the treatment of osteoporosis, bone metastasis, Paget's disease, hypocalcaemia associated with malignancy and other conditions that ...

    Authors: Mohamed I Walash, Mohamed E-S Metwally, Manal Eid and Rania N El-Shaheny
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2012 6:25
  3. Isopropanol is widely used by conservators to relax the creases and folds of parchment artefacts. At present, little is known of the possible side effects of the chemical on parchments main structural componen...

    Authors: Lee G Gonzalez, Jennifer Hiller, Nick J Terrill, Joanna Parkinson, Kate Thomas and Tim J Wess
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2012 6:24
  4. Formic acid, acetic acid and formaldehyde are important compounds in the indoor environment because of the potential for these acids to degrade calcareous materials (shells, eggs, tiles and geological specimen...

    Authors: Peter Brimblecombe and Carlota M Grossi
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2012 6:21
  5. The morphology of a live cell reflects the organization of the cytoskeleton and the healthy status of the cell. We established a label-free platform for monitoring the changing morphology of live cells in real...

    Authors: Michelle Meng-Ni Zhang, Yi-Tao Long and Zhifeng Ding
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2012 6:20
  6. Various by-products of the cellular metabolism, such as reactive carbonyl species (RCS) are potentially harmful to cells and tissues, and play a role in many physiological and pathological processes. Among var...

    Authors: Simon Asbjørn Larsen, Moustapha Kassem and Suresh IS Rattan
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2012 6:18
  7. In this work the chemical structure of dextran-iron oxide thin films was reported. The films were obtained by MAPLE technique from composite targets containing 10 wt. % dextran with 1 and 5 wt.% iron oxide nan...

    Authors: Carmen Steluta Ciobanu, Simona Liliana Iconaru, Eniko Gyorgy, Mihaela Radu, Marieta Costache, Anca Dinischiotu, Philippe Le Coustumer, Khalid Lafdi and Daniela Predoi
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2012 6:17
  8. A validated simple, rapid, sensitive and specific square-wave voltammetric technique is described for the determination of acebutolol (AC) following its accumulation onto a hanging mercury drop electrode in a ...

    Authors: Ali F Al-Ghamdi, Mohamed M Hefnawy, Abdulrahman A Al-Majed and Fatallah F Belal
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2012 6:15
  9. A new simple, rapid and sensitive reversed-phase liquid chromatographic method was developed and validated for the simultaneous determination of sulpiride (SUL) and mebeverine Hydrochloride (MEB) in the presen...

    Authors: Mohamed I Walash, Mohie M Kh Sharaf El-din, Nahed M El-enany, Manal I Eid and Shereen M Shalan
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2012 6:13
  10. Sonchus asper (SA) is traditionally used for the treatment of various ailments associated with liver, lungs and kidneys. This study was aimed to investigate the therapeutic potential of nonpolar (hexane, SAHE; et...

    Authors: Rahmat Ali Khan, Muhammad Rashid Khan, Sumaira Sahreen and Mushtaq Ahmed
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2012 6:12
  11. This study represents the first report on the development of a novel spectrophotometric method for determination of cinacalcet hydrochloride (CIN) in its tablet dosage forms. Studies were carried out to invest...

    Authors: Ibrahim A Darwish, Mona M Al-Shehri and Manal A El-Gendy
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2012 6:11
  12. Two species of Ganoderma, G. sinense and G. lucidum, are used as Lingzhi in China. Howerver, the content of triterpenoids and polysaccharides, main actives compounds, are significant different, though the extract...

    Authors: Guang-ping Lv, Jing Zhao, Jin-ao Duan, Yu-ping Tang and Shao-ping Li
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2012 6:10
  13. Rosiglitazone (ROZ) and glimepiride (GLM) are antidiabetic agents used in the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus. A survey of the literature reveals that only one spectrophotometric method has been reported...

    Authors: Nahed M El-Enany, Amina A Abdelal, Fathalla F Belal, Yoshinori I Itoh and Mitsuhiro N Nakamura
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2012 6:9
  14. The aim of our work was to compare two methods, both based on direct transmethylation with different reagents, BF3/MeOH (boron trifluoride in methanol) or HCl/MeOH (hydrochloride acid in methanol), in acid cataly...

    Authors: Monica Harmanescu
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2012 6:8
  15. A rapid and reproducible stability indicating TLC method was developed for the determination of prednisolone acetate and chloramphenicol in presence of their degraded products. Uniform degradation conditions w...

    Authors: Syed Ghulam Musharraf, Urooj Fatima and Rahat Sultana
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2012 6:7
  16. A screen-printed disposable electrode system for the determination of duloxetine hydrochloride (DL) was developed using screen-printing technology. Homemade printing has been characterized and optimized on the...

    Authors: Nawal A Alarfaj, Reda A Ammar and Maha F El-Tohamy
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2012 6:6

    The Erratum to this article has been published in Chemistry Central Journal 2012 6:72

  17. Recently, an increased interest in the identification of valuable possibilities for preserving the antioxidant properties of products obtained by thermal processing of fruits rich in bioactive compounds can be...

    Authors: Mariana-Atena Poiana, Ersilia Alexa and Constantin Mateescu
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2012 6:4
  18. The virtual screening (VS) of lead compounds using molecular docking and pharmacophore detection is now an important tool in drug discovery. VS tasks typically require a combination of several software tools a...

    Authors: Yin Xue Sun, Yan Xin Huang, Feng Li Li, Hong Yan Wang, Cong Fan, Yong Li Bao, Lu Guo Sun, Zhi Qiang Ma, Jun Kong and Yu Xin Li
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2012 6:2
  19. A novel 96-microwell-based spectrophotometric assay has been developed and validated for determination of olmesartan medoxomil (OLM) in tablets. The formation of a colored charge-transfer (CT) complex between ...

    Authors: Ibrahim A Darwish, Tanveer A Wani, Nasr Y Khalil, Abdul-Aziz Al-Shaikh and Najm Al-Morshadi
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2012 6:1
  20. In order to develop colloidal drug carriers with desired properties, it is important to determine physico-chemical characteristics of these systems. Bile salt mixed micelles are extensively studied as novel dr...

    Authors: Dejan M Ćirin, Mihalj M Poša and Veljko S Krstonošić
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2011 5:89
  21. Recent studies showed that moderate consumption of red or white wines increased the chances of breast cancer, while similar consumption of red wines, rich in trans-resveratrol (trans-R), decreased the rate of pro...

    Authors: Natalia YU Anisimova, Mikhail V Kiselevsky, Andrey V Sosnov, Sergey V Sadovnikov, Ivan N Stankov and Andrei A Gakh
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2011 5:88
  22. Amino acids are safe molecules with variable efficacy against ulceration. Considering the good antioxidant potential of N-aroyl- N, N'-dicyclohexyl urea and antiulcer activities of amino acids, a series of amino ...

    Authors: Bharat Bhusan Subudhi and Shakti Prasanna Sahoo
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2011 5:86
  23. Three simple and rapid spectrophotometric methods were developed for detection and trace determination of benzophenone (the main impurity) in phenytoin bulk powder and pharmaceutical formulations. The first me...

    Authors: Mohamed Ibrahim Walash, Mohamed Salem Rizk, Zeinab Awad Sheribah and Mohamed Mansour Salim
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2011 5:85
  24. Acetamidines are starting materials for synthesizing many chemical substances, such as imidazoles, pyrimidines and triazines, which are further used for biochemically active compounds as well as energetic mate...

    Authors: Zdeněk Jalový, Robert Matyáš, Jan Ottis, Aleš Růžička, Petr Šimůnek and Miroslav Polášek
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2011 5:84
  25. Fibroblasts derived from the progeroid Werner syndrome show reduced replicative lifespan and a "stressed" morphology, both alleviated using the MAP kinase inhibitor SB203580. However, interpretation of these d...

    Authors: Terence Davis, Matthew C Dix, Michal J Rokicki, Amy JC Brook, Caroline S Widdowson, David Kipling and Mark C Bagley
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2011 5:83
  26. SmCl3 (20 mol%) has been used as an efficient catalyst for reaction between aromatic aldehydes and 5,5-dimethyl-1,3-cyclohexanedione at 120°C to give 1,8-dioxo-octahydroxanthene derivatives in high yield. The sam...

    Authors: Andivelu Ilangovan, Subramani Malayappasamy, Samraj Muralidharan and Sundaram Maruthamuthu
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2011 5:81
  27. We report the first synthesis of a cobalt Cp diene complex wherein the diene is derived by microbial dearomatising dihydroxylation of an aromatic ring. The complex has been characterised crystallographically a...

    Authors: Dominic van der Waals, Thomas Pugh, Monika Ali Khan, Alan JW Stewart, Andrew L Johnson and Simon E Lewis
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2011 5:80
  28. Extraction of oil from the seed of Blighia unijugata gave a yield of 50.82 ± 1.20% using hexane in a soxhlet extractor. The iodine and saponification values were 67.60 ± 0.80 g iodine/100 g and 239.20 ± 1.00 mg K...

    Authors: Adewale Adewuyi, Rotimi A Oderinde, BVSK Rao, RBN Prasad and M Nalla
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2011 5:79
  29. A simple reversed phase high performance liquid chromatographic method with diode array detector (HPLC-DAD) has been developed and subsequently validated for the determination of fexofenadine hydrochloride (FE...

    Authors: Hadir M Maher, Maha A Sultan and Ileana V Olah
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2011 5:76
  30. Synthetic multi-substituted hydroxyapatite nano powders containing silicon and or carbonate prepared by a wet chemical method. The process parameters are set up to allow the simultaneous substitution of carbon...

    Authors: Doreya Mohamed Ibrahim, Amany A Mostafa and Sara Ibrahim Korowash
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2011 5:74
  31. Chemical investigations of the 70% alcohol extract of Oxytropis myriophylla (Pall.) DC. (Leguminosae) have afforded the new natural product neohesperidin dihydrochalcone (1) and the known phloretin-4'-O-β-D-gluco...

    Authors: Gaimei She, Si Wang and Bin Liu
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2011 5:71
  32. A rapid, simple and sensitive synchronous specrtofluorimetric method has been developed for the simultaneous analysis of binary mixture of metoprolol (MTP) and felodipine (FDP). The method is based upon measur...

    Authors: Mohamed I Walash, Fathallah F Belal, Nahed M El-Enany and Mahmoud H El-Maghrabey
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2011 5:70
  33. One of the goals of the 2011 International Year of Chemistry is to celebrate the contributions of women to science. A question that has been frequently asked in this regard is... Why is it necessary to highlight ...

    Authors: Sharon L Haynie, Amber S Hinkle, Nancy L Jones, Cheryl A Martin, Paula J Olsiewski and Mary F Roberts
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2011 5:69
  34. Fatty acids (FAs) are important as raw materials for the biotechnology industry. Existing methods of FAs production are based on chemical methods. In this study potassium hydroxide (KOH)-catalyzed reactions we...

    Authors: Jumat Salimon, Bashar Mudhaffar Abdullah and Nadia Salih
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2011 5:67

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