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  1. Quantum mechanical calculations were performed on a variety of uranium species representing U(VI), U(V), U(IV), U-carbonates, U-phosphates, U-oxalates, U-catecholates, U-phosphodiesters, U-phosphorylated N-ace...

    Authors: James D Kubicki, Gary P Halada, Prashant Jha and Brian L Phillips
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2009 3:10
  2. A fermented beverage of plant extracts was prepared from about fifty kinds of vegetables and fruits. Natural fermentation was carried out mainly by lactic acid bacteria (Leuconostoc spp.) and yeast (Zygosaccharom...

    Authors: Hideki Okada, Eri Fukushi, Akira Yamamori, Naoki Kawazoe, Shuichi Onodera, Jun Kawabata and Norio Shiomi
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2009 3:8
  3. The rapid, simple determination of surfactants in environmental samples is essential because of the extensive use and its potential as contaminants. We describe a simple, rapid chemiluminescence method for the...

    Authors: Xiaoyu Liu, Aifang Li, Baohui Zhou, Chaokun Qiu and Hongmin Ren
    Citation: Chemistry Central Journal 2009 3:7

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