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Table 1 The scientific names, voucher numbers, plant parts, and ethnobotanical uses of plants analyzed in this study

From: In vitro total phenolics, total flavonoids, antioxidant and antibacterial activities of selected medicinal plants using different solvent systems

Plant name Voucher number Plant part Ethnobotanical uses
Aloe vera 842-UPR-Poonch Gel and latex Used as wound and burn healing, immunomodulatory, gastro-protective, antifungal, anticancer, hypoglycemic, and anti-inflammatory properties [39]
A. millefolium 881-UPR-Poonch Stem, leaves, and flowers The plant is known for the treatment of inflammation, pain, and gastrointestinal disorders [40]
B. ciliata 722-UPR-Poonch Rhizome The rhizome of the plant is used in gastrointestinal disorders and for the treatment of kidney stones [41]