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Table 2 Analytical figure of merit for SPE of uranyl ions using INA@MOF-808 as sorbent

From: Synthesis, characterization and application of a zirconium-based MOF-808 functionalized with isonicotinic acid for fast and efficient solid phase extraction of uranium(VI) from wastewater prior to its spectrophotometric determination

Parameter Analytical feature
Equation of calibration curve A = 0.0005CU + 0.0717
Dynamic range (µg L− 1) 0.07–1000.00
R2 (determination coefficient) 0.9986
Reproducibility (RSD%, n = 12) 2.1
Repeatability (%) 1.8
Limit of detection (µg L− 1) 0.90
Enrichment factor 250
Total extraction time (min) ≤ 15
  1. A Absorption (analytical) signal, CU Uranyl ion concentration