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Table 2 The BET analysis of the prepared BHAC, Zn-MOF-5, and Zn-MOF-5@BHPAC nanocomposite

From: Introduction of a Zn-based metal–organic framework @ biomass porous activated carbon as a high-sensitive coating for a stainless steel SPME fiber: application to the simultaneous analysis of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

Sample BET surface area (m2/g) Average surface area (m2/g) Average pore volume (cm3/g) Average pore size (nm)
BHPAC 2158.109 1650.661 1.237 230.296
Zn-MOF-5 472.388 318.090 0.241 216.830
Zn-MOF-5@BHPAC 306.617 125.508 0.177 151.594