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Table 2 Physicochemical characteristics, adsorption capacities, isotherms and kinetics models of the adsorbents used for removal of trimethoprim

From: Experimental and theoretical study for removal of trimethoprim from wastewater using organically modified silica with pyrazole-3-carbaldehyde bridged to copper ions

Adsorbent Surface area (m2 g−1) pH Maximum adsorption capacity (mg g−1) Isotherm model Kinetic model References
Micro-AC 1534 6.22 543 Langmuir Pseudo-second-order model [48]
Biochar 8.89 9.1 2.08 × 103 Langmuir Pseudo-second-order model [49]
Graphene oxide 204.08 Freundlich Pseudo-second-order model [50]
Bentonite 23 8.1 106.27 Langmuir Pseudo-second-order model [51]
SiNP-Cu 8 420 Freundlich Pseudo-second-order model