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Table 2 Expansion volumes of GIC products after thermal treatment obtained under different ball mill models

From: Green and simple production of graphite intercalation compound used sodium bicarbonate as intercalation agent

Ball milling model 1# 2# 3# 4#
Expansion volume(mL/g) 142 141 140 141
  1. In summary, the optimal production conditions of GIC were as follows: the ball milling media was stainless-steel beads, the size of the ball milling media was 6 mm, ball mill time was 4 h, ball mill speed was 500 r/min, the decomposition temperature was 200 ℃, the decomposition time was 4 h, and the mass ratio of flake graphite to NaHCO3 was 1:1
  2. At this condition, the expansion volume of GIC was 142 mL/g