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Table 1 Geographic coordinates of the sample points

From: Assessment of spatio-temporal variations of selected water quality parameters of Lake Ziway, Ethiopia using multivariate techniques

Sampling site description Abr North East Elevation (m)
Floriculture effluent Fb 07º54.715' 038º44.020' 1642
Floriculture after mixing Fa 07º54.79’ 038º144.111’ 1639
Bulbula River mouth B 07º53.943' 038º44.134' 1641
Ketar River mouth Ka 07º55.398' 038º52.086' 1640
Ketar River at Abura Town Kb 08º02.019' 038º49.340' 1646
Meki River at Meki Town Mb 08º03.019' 039º01.144' 1673
Meki River mouth Ma 08º03.379' 038º56.459' 1633
Korekonch Kt 07º55.494' 038º43.697' 1637
Central station C 07º55. 49’ 038º52.934 1635