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Table 1 The efficiency of different metal and non-metal doped Bi2S3 for the photocatalytic degradation of dyes

From: Solvothermal synthesis of pure and Sn-doped Bi2S3 and the evaluation of their photocatalytic activity on the degradation of methylene blue

Compounds Synthesis method Morphology Pollutants (dye) Degradation (%) Refs.
Sn-Bi2S3 Hydrothermal Nanorods MB 83–94 This work
Se-Bi2S3 Hydrothermal Nanords MB 88–96 [38]
Au-Bi2S3 Facile one-pot Nanorods MO 72–80 [39]
   Nanoflowers MO 86–97  
   Nanorods RhB 77  
   Nanoflowers RhB 95  
Sn-Bi2S3 Solvothermal Microspheres RhB 21–99 [40]
Mn-Bi2S3 Wet chemical Nanorods MV 75–90 [16]
Eu-Bi2S3 Solvothermal Nanoflowers MB 4.6 [17]