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Table 3 Summary of analytical methods used for water solubility determinations

From: Inter-laboratory comparison of water solubility methods applied to difficult-to-test substances


Dodecahydrotriphenylene (column elution)

Hexylcyclohexane (slow-stir)


direct immersion SPME GC–MS

Static headspace-Trap GC-FID


Solvent extraction (dichloromethane), exchanged to methanol. HPLC–UV

Headspace SPME GC–MS

Fraunhofer Institute

Solvent extraction (cyclohexane), GC–MS

Solvent extraction (cyclohexane) GC–MS

Noack Laboratorien

Solvent extraction (cyclohexane) GC–MS

Solvent extraction (cyclohexane) GC–MS,

Smithers ERS Limited

Solvent extraction (hexane), tenfold concentration. GC–MS

Headspace SPME GC–MS

  1. SPME solid phase microextraction using a 30 µm PDMS fiber (Supleco), GC–MS gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, GC-FID gas chromatography-flame ionization detection, HPLC–UV high performance liquid chromatography–ultraviolet detection