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Table 2 Pre-treatment conditions and outcomes for the supercritical fluid pre-treatment of corn stover

From: High pressure systems as sustainable extraction and pre-treatment technologies for a holistic corn stover biorefinery

Types of biomass Pre-treatment condition Outcomes of pre-treated corn stover Year Refs
Corn stover 160–200 °C, 13–17 MPa, 40–80 min, water:ethanol as co-solvent Removal of lignin reached to 90.05% and increased the enzyme accessibility 2013 [69]
Corn stover 120 °C, 1450 psi, 30 min, ethanol as co-solvent Increased sugar yield of 2 mm and 4 mm particles at a higher pressure, but decreased sugar yield of 1 mm as pressure increased 2018 [70]
Corn stover, corn cob, and sorghum stalk (75% moisture) 50–80 °C, 17.5–25 MPa, 12–60 h Pre-treatment significantly reduced the temperature from 160–170 to 50–80 °C and increased the enzyme accessibility 3- or fourfold compared to unpretreated 2019 [68]
Corn straw (10.7% moisture) 170 °C, 5 MPa, 40 min Enhanced enzyme hydrolysis with little lignin degradation 2019 [71]