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Table 1 Names, species, and abbreviations of the mulberry varieties examined in this study

From: Comparison of free and bound phenolic compositions and antioxidant activities of leaves from different mulberry varieties

Cultivar Species Abbreviation
Gu 1 M. alba L G1
Gu 6 M. alba L G6
Gu 8 M. alba L G8
Gusangwang M. mongolica var. diabolica Koidz GSW
Bei-2-8 M. atropurpurea Roxb B-2-8
R2 M. atropurpurea Roxb R2
7403 M. atropurpurea Roxb 7403
Dashi M. atropurpurea Roxb DS
Zangjiangxin 1 M. mongolica C.K.Schneid Z1
Zangjiangxin 2 M. mongolica C.K.Schneid Z2
Zangjiangxin 4 M. mongolica C.K.Schneid Z4
Changguosang M. rotundiloba Koidz CGS
JP4-1 M. multicaulis Koidz J4-1
JP5 M. multicaulis Koidz J5
TL6 M. rotundiloba Koidz T6
TL7 M. rotundiloba Koidz T7
BR60 M. rotundiloba Koidz BR60
S54 M. rotundiloba Koidz S54
Qingmai M. rotundiloba Koidz QM
Yin 2 M. serrata Rox Y2
Yinximeng 2 M. serrata Rox YXM2
Yue 1 M. rotundiloba Koidz Y1
Yueda M. rotundiloba Koidz YD