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Table 1 Physicochemical properties of synthesized compounds

From: Natural based piperine derivatives as potent monoamine oxidase inhibitors: an in silico ADMET analysis and molecular docking studies

Sr. noChemical structureRf value(%) YieldaM.P
5View full size image0.8375.8231–232
11View full size image0.7868.5245–246
13View full size image0.8672.5276–277
15View full size image0.8177.2189–190
17aView full size image0.8373.8210–211
17bView full size image0.8569.3230–231
17cView full size image0.7971.9192–193
  1. aTLC mobile phase: hexane:toluene:ethyl acetate (1:1:1)