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Table 5 Conversion and selectivity in the coupling of various epoxides and CO2 catalysed by Talc dried at 100 °C

From: Synthesis of cyclic carbonates from epoxides and carbon dioxide catalyzed by talc and other phyllosilicates

  1. Reaction conditions:epoxide (10 mmol), Talc (100 mg), TBAB (2.5 mole% of epoxide), CO2 (30 bars), MeCN (5 ml), Temperature (140 °C)
  2. Yield* = conversion x selectivity
  3. arecycled catalyst
  4. btwice recyled catalyst
  5. cTBAB (2 mole% of epoxide). dno solvent, epoxide (20 mmol), Talc (200 mg), TBAB (2.5 mole% of epoxide)