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Table 3 Coefficient of determination (R2) showing the relationship between low and high polarity extraction solvent on yield (g) and root mean square error (RMSE) of bait fermentation

From: Species diversity of different insect families trapped under beer-based volatile fermentation

Treatments Extraction yield (g) Regression Equation R2 RMSE
First Second Third
Bait + distilled water 0.9579a 0.2208b 0.0705c − 0.4437x + 1.3038 0.87 0.97
Bait + methanol 0.9071a 0.2417b 0.1115c − 0.3978x + 1.2157 0.87 0.93
  1. Whereas level of significance was P = 0.05, RMSE root mean square error, R2 Coefficient of determination