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Table 3 Phenolic identified by ESI(−)-MS found in ethanolic Eugenia punicifolia extracts

From: Optimization of Eugenia punicifolia (Kunth) D. C. leaf extraction using a simplex centroid design focused on extracting phenolics with antioxidant and antiproliferative activities

Theoretical mass
Experimental mass
Δm (ppm)MS/MS fragments m/zCompound identification
C14H5O8300.9990300.9990− 0.03283, 271, 245, 201, 145, 123Ellagic acid
C13H15O10331.0671331.06661.42271, 211, 169Monogalloylglucose
C20H17O11433.0776433.07672.15300, 271, 151,Quercetin-3-O-β-d-xylopyranoside
C21H19O11447.0933447.0940− 1.60316, 300, 271, 255, 169Quercetin-3-O-β-rhamnoside
C18H23O14463.0891463.0882− 1.92316, 271, 169, 125Myricitrin
C20H17O14481.0624481.06422.86301, 275, 169, 151HHDP glucose isomer
C20H19O14483.0780483.07565.02331, 169, 125Digalloyl-glucose isomer
C39H18O8615.1085615.10613.96463, 300, 169Quercertin galloylhexoside isomer
C34H23O22783.0686783.06781.08617, 300, 275Bis HHDP-glucose isomer