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Table 5 Repeatability study at MRL, 0.5 MRL or concentration < 0.5 MRL

From: Primary validation of Charm II tests for the detection of antimicrobial residues in a range of aquaculture fish

FamilyCompoundSpiking concentration (µg/kg)Mean cpmSDrRSDr (%)
TetracyclinesChlortetracycline25 µg/kg (0.25 MRL)1207.0118.29.8
Oxytetracycline100 µg/kg (MRL)1270.0698.417.75
MacrolidesErythromycin A100 µg/kg (0.5 MRL)1762.4110.46.3
200 µg/kg (MRL)1478.141.22.8
β-LactamsPenicillin G25 µg/kg (0.5 MRL)1285.689.36.9
50 µg/kg (MRL)648.562.79.7
AminoglycosidesStreptomycin250 µg/kg (0.5 MRL)1125.8112.710.01
500 µg/kg (MRL)1110.5127.211.5
SulfonamidesSulfathiazole25 µg/kg (0.25 MRL)922.280.18.7
100 µg/kg (MRL)706.58.61.2
  1. SDr, standard deviation under repeatability conditions, RSDr, relative standard deviation under repeatability conditions, Mean cpm average of counts per minute under reproducibility conditions