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Table 2 Control points for the different antimicrobials in blank fish samples

From: Primary validation of Charm II tests for the detection of antimicrobial residues in a range of aquaculture fish

Antimicrobial familySpiked samplesBlank samples
Level of analyte spiking (µg/kg)Mean cpm of spiked samplesAllowance for matrix effectControl point cpmMean blank cpmRange of blank cpm readingsNo. of false positives/no. of samplesFalse positive rate (%)
β-lactams25 µg/kg penicillin G1275Spiked cpm + 20%153025022160–29070/300
Sulfonamides50 µg/kg sulfamethazine1096Spiked cpm + 30%142431621431–69950/300
Tetracyclines0 µg/kg tetracycline2524Blank cpm − 40%151425242451–32690/300
Macrolides100 µg/kg erythromycin A1765Spiked cpm + 20%211825871906–29521/283.6
Streptomycin25 µg/kg streptomycin2574Spiked cpm + 30%334646052942–54881/205.0
Number of samples used per parameter Ns ≥ 20