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Table 2 The Minimal Inhibitory Concentration (MIC, µg mL−1) and the Minimum Microbicidal Concentration (MBC, µg mL−1) of the methanolic extract of the tested medicinal plants against bacteria

From: A study on the antioxidant and antimicrobial activities in the chloroformic and methanolic extracts of 6 important medicinal plants collected from North of Iran

StrainMIC (MBC)Gentamicin
S. flavescensR. repensA. maurorumM. azedarachP. harmala fruitJ. conglomeratus fruit
B. subtilisa50 (100)50 (100)100 (−)6.24
S. aureus50 (100)100 (−)1.56 (3.12)50 (100)3.12
R. toxicus25 (50)12.5 (25)NSb
E. coli50 (100)1.56 (3.12)50 (100)1.56
P. aeruginosa12.5 (25)100 (−)50 (100)25 (50)12.48
P. syringae100 (−)100 (−)NS
P. viridiflava25 (50)25 (50)NS
X. campestris50 (100)25 (50)25 (50)NS
  1. aNo inhibition with the highest concentration in the test conditions
  2. bNot specified