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Table 2 Ruggedness P values according to one-way ANOVA by constituent

From: Evaluation of an online, real-time, soft-photon ionisation time-of-flight mass spectrometer for mainstream tobacco smoke analysis

AnalyteMean ± SD, μg/cig (n = 30)LOQa, μgCapillary (new vs used)Ferrule (new vs used)DayTime (a.m. vs p.m.)Treatment
Acetaldehyde387.4 ± 54.2170.2900.1560.0740.8080.704
1,3-Butadiene27.3 ±
Acetone174.7 ±
Isoprene270.9 ±< 0.001b0.8090.878
2-Butanone61.8 ±
Benzene29.6 ±
Toluene61.8 ±
  1. aLimit of quantification for a 35-mL 2-s puff of a standard gas sample with an assumed signal-to-noise ratio of 10
  2. bSignificant at P < 0.05