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Table 1 Fe3O4@PDA-Pd NPs-catalyzed hydroreduction reaction of p-nitrochlorobenzene

From: Preparation of sub-microspherical Fe3O4@PDA-Pd NPs catalyst and application in catalytic hydroreduction reaction of halogenated aromatic nitro compounds to prepare halogenated aromatic amines

EntryCatalystSolventTemperature, timeConversiona/%Selectivity (I)a/%
1Fe3O4@PDA-Pd NPsEtOH30 °C, 4 h>9995b
2Fe3O4@PDA-Pd NPsTHF30 °C, 4 h8198
3Fe3O4@PDA-Pd NPsTHF50 °C, 5 h>99>99
4Pd/CTHF50 °C, 2.5 h> 9984c
  1. aGC; b about 4% N-ethyl-p-chloroaniline in the product; c about 13% aniline in the product