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Table 1 Peak assignment of crosslinked Sulfonated Polyacrylamide (Cross-PAA-SO3H)

From: Crosslinked sulfonated polyacrylamide (Cross-PAA-SO3H) tethered to nano-Fe3O4 as a superior catalyst for the synthesis of 1,3-thiazoles

Peak position (cm−1) Assignment
3100–3500 N–H stretching of NH2, OH stretching of (–SO3H)
1658 C=O stretching of CO in AAM and AAMPS
1545 N–H bending (Secondary amid band of AAMPS)
1042 Sulfonic acid (–SO3H) group
1175–1216 Symmetric band of SO2
1453 Stretching of the C–N band (amid)
700–800 N–H bending (primary amide)