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Table 2 C-glycosyl flavones structures based on the aglycones of apigenin and chrysoeriol from Flickingeria fimbriata

From: Identification of C-glycosyl flavones by high performance liquid chromatography electrospray ionization mass spectrometry and quantification of five main C-glycosyl flavones in Flickingeria fimbriata

  No. R1 R2 R3 No. R1 R2 R3

1 Glu Glu H 16 Glu Glu-b2 H
2 Glu Glu OCH3 17 Glu-b2 Xyl H
3 Xyl Glu H 18 Ara Glu-a2 H
4 Glu Ara H 19 Glu-c1 Glu H
5 Glu Xyl H 20 Ara Glu-b2 H
6 Xyl Glu OCH3 21 Glu-c1 Xyl H
7 Glu Ara OCH3 22 Glu Glu-c2 H
8 Ara Glu OCH3 23 Glu Glu-d2 H
9 Glu Xyl H 24 Glu-d1 Ara H
10 Glu Xyl OCH3 25 Xyl Glu-c2 OCH3
11 H Glu-a1 H 26 Xyl Glu-c2 H
12 Glu-a1 H H 27 Xyl Glu-d2 OCH3
13 Glu-a1 Xyl H 28 Xyl Glu-d2 H
14 Glu-b1 Xyl H 29 Ara Glu-c2 H
15 Glu-d1 Xyl H 30 Ara Glu-d2 H
  1. a: ρ-coumaroyl; b: feruloyl; c: 3,4-dimethoxycinnamoyl; d: 3,4,5-trimethoxycinnamoyl
  2. 1The position of acylation is set to 2″-O in sugar
  3. 2The position of acylation is set to 6″-O in sugar