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Table 1 Tested samples of A. lancea and A. chinensis

From: Oligosaccharide-based quality evaluation of Atractylodis rhizome and a strategy for simplifying its quality control

Producing area Codes Producing area Codes
A. lancea (Thunb.) DC., family Compositae A. chinensis (DC.) Koidz., family Compositae
Jiangsu A1 Hebei B1
Jiangsu A2 Hebei B2
Jiangsu A3 Hebei B3
Jiangsu A4 Hebei B4
Jiangsu A5 Inner Mongolia B5
Anhui A6 Inner Mongolia B6
Anhui A7 Inner Mongolia B7
Hubei A8 Liaoning B8
Hubei A9 Liaoning B9
Henan A10 Beijing B10
Yunnan A11