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Table 8 The interaction of highly active compounds with binding pocket of bacterial DNA gyrase (PDB ID: 4ZVI)

From: Antimicrobial, antioxidant and cytotoxic evaluation of diazenyl chalcones along with insights to mechanism of interaction by molecular docking studies

Compound Interacting residues of the binding pocket
C-16 Ala90, Va93, Ile94, Met95, Arg136, Val43, Asn46, Ala47, Asp49, Glu50, Asp73, Arg76, Gly77, Ile78, Pro79
C-22 Ala53, Glu50, Asp49, Ala47, Asn46, Val43, Met95, Ile94
Ciprofloxacin Glu50, Asp49, Ala47, Asn46, Val43, Val167, Thr165, Asp73, Arg76, Ile78, Pro79